Chapter 014 – Checkmate

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Story: The enter the palace where 000010 is expecting 00012 with the death 000005. He calls some guards but no one comes as they are all dead. 000010 decides to fight for himself and starts fighting against the both at once- He is a good fighter so even they are two, things are not bad for him. He notices their connection and used it to get upper hand in the fight. Suddenly he gains the upper hand and capture 000001 and threatens to kill her. He make 000005 drop his sword in hopes saving 000001. 000010 lets 000001 go but slides her just as she is leaving his reach and the slice is deadly. 000005 is running over to 000001 to help her and take care of her. 000010 uses the chance to get close to 000001 000005 sense him and before 000010 can attack, he penetrates himself and 000010 .000010 dies instantly while 000005 survives

Characters: 000001, 000005, 000010 (Dies, from 000001’s blade that 000005 penetrates himself with)

Weather: Evening, rain appears and gives thunder and lightning.