Chapter 016 – Heaven or earth

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Story: Fei-Fan Chang wakes up by her parent’s voices and touch. At first she does not want to leave them, but they tell her she has to return to life as her time on earth is not over. She wakes up on the icy floor in the emperor’s palace but before she can celebrate they won, Xin Chen is at her side and in a rush to help her move as she is not the only person who has reawaken. They wake up Yi-Hao Wang too, who somehow also lives before the three of them leaves the palace. An arrow hits him in the back and almost kills him, but he tells that Ning Wang has awakened too and has already killed his men.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Chun-Yi Chang, Mu-Yan Lin, Yi-Hao Wang, Ning Wang, Xin Chen

Weather: Still moonlight night