Chapter 018 – Sword of heaven

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Story: One night is Fei-Fan Chang having dreams about a sword and how she is the only one who can prevent the kingdom to rot. The voices in her dreams guide her deep into the deep of the cave. Yi-Hao Wang wakes up as he hears her footsteps and follows her to make sure she is alright. They end up in an opening where the moonlight from an opening above them reveals a rock with a sword in the middle. Fei-Fan Chang jumps in the water and swims out to take the sword on the rock while Yi-Hao Wang is watching it all from a distance. She gets the sword and for a moment all seems good while she dreams of five dragons before she gets awakened by noise. They are suddenly under attack by soldiers, but Yi-Hao Wang is quick to get them out so they escape with the sword without fresh injuries.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Yi-Hao Wang

Weather: Night and not mentioned