Chapter 019 – Five dragons

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Story: They find a new place to hide and all is well. Fei-Fan Chang and Yi-Hao Wang talks about the night they got the sword and Fei-Fan Chang tells about the quest that Tu, the earth-dragon, has given her. She explains to Yi-Hao Wang that she is the one who will save kingdom from the five dragon gods. The five dragons, including Tu has all become corrupted. This was why the soldiers found them the night they got the sword. At first does Yi-Hao Wang not believe her because they would have heard from other people strangers have taken over the country by now. The next day when they are on the market to get food, they overhear people talking about five evil lords who have turned up and are now ruling each major town together with Ning Wang in the emperor’s seat. They decide to do the quest as someone has to do it, even they do not know about what to do against the five dragons.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Yi-Hao Wang

Weather: Sunny