Chapter 020 – Forbidden flowers

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Story: They hear about a group of people that has gathered to fight against the evil lords in the town Kurihoro, which interestingly enough is also the first place of their quest according to Fei-Fan Chang’s dreams. But when they arrive, they learn the hard way that it was a way to get them out of their hidden place. With no training since the time with Yi-Hao Wang they have to fight against the first of the evil warlords which Mu, the dragon of nature, they beat him but and the control over him disappears, allowing him to return to his former good self. He explains the sword needs energy form each of the four regular dragons in a certain way for it to save Tu from corruption. They need to go Kurihoro (Nature) -> Nakashitoro (Metal) -> Shinobe (Fire) -> Funanai (Water) before reaching Tu in Kuzuyama who is helping Ning Wang rule the kingdom. Before they can ask for more is Mu disappearing, and Fei-Fan Chang can feel the power inside the sword.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Yi-Hao Wang and Mu

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