Chapter 024 – Home on earth

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Story: They learn that the last dragon has joined forces with Ning Wang to beat them before it is too late, but they reach the capital Kuzuyama and beats the dragon Tu even he is harder and more powerful than the rest. All seems good as they have now gotten the powers from the five dragons as the dream told them to get when suddenly Fei-Fan Chang faints without warning and right after are they surrounded by enemy forces with Ning Wang behind it all. She reveals to Yi-Hao Wang that the plan of gathering the dragon’s powers was hers all along and that the dragon of nature, Mu, poisoned Fei-Fan Chang while they were fighting as part of the plan too. Now they were only waiting for Fei-Fan Chang to wake up again to become the strongest warrior in the world and no one able to stop them.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Yi-Hao Wang, Tu, Ning Wang

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