Chapter 025 – A kiss

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Story: Yi-Hao Wang wakes up in a cell near the former emperor’s palace, now the empress Ning Wang’s palace. It is raining, and it is the day he is going to die by the hands of the woman, he has loved she he landed on her after the horse episode. A lone Guzheng player is playing music and he knowns it is his last breaths. A pair of soldiers appear and start forcing him on his way to the execution site, but Yi-Hao Wang has given up hope, so he goes with them freely even as they try to hurt him even more. Fei-Fan Chang is wearing the mighty armor which used to be her father’s and Ning Wang is sitting in the center between her subjects watching every step with joy. Yi-Hao Wang thinks back on the times he was together with Fei-Fan Chang and Heng Qin, so he wishes for a last kiss of Fei-Fan Chang. Fei-Fan Chang looks confused as the poison has cleared her mind of every event they had together, but she and Ning Wang allow it. They kiss and Yi-Hao Wang places himself on the chopping block while Fei-Fan Chang raises the sword to kill him, but just as the sword is about to touch his neck, she stops.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Yi-Hao Wang, Ning Wang

Weather: Raining