Chapter 025 – Execution

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Story: 000005 wakes up in a cell near the fromer emperor’s palace, now the empress 000011’s palace. it is raining and it is the day he is going to died by the hands of the women, he had loved she he landed on her after the horse episode. A lone Guzheng player is heard and he knowns it is his last breaths. A pair of soldiers appear and starts forcing him his way to the exuection place but 000005 has giving up hope so he goes with them freely. 000001 appears in a mighty armor that her father used to way to war for fromer emperor 000006 and 000011 is seating in the center watching every step with joy. He thinks back on the times he was together with 000001 and 000004, so he wish for a last kiss of 000001. 000001 looks confused as the poison has cleared her mind of everything but she and 000011 allows it. They kiss and 000005 places himself on the chopping block while 000001 raises the sword to kill him but just as the sword is about to touch his neck, she stops.

Characters: 000001, 000005, 000011

Weather: Raining