Chapter 026 – Battle of gods

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Story: Ning Wang gets red in her face and demand Fei-Fan Chang to perform the execution, but Fei-Fan Chang does not move at all. Ning Wang orders her soldiers to attack them as she knows what has happened and rightly so, Fei-Fan Chang is free of the poison and starts fighting together with Yi-Hao Wang against the soldiers appearing from all sides. They somehow beat all the nearby soldiers leaving on Ning Wang left. Ning Wang smiles like she expected it all the time, and instead of running she prepares to fight. Ning Wang is no longer the push over that Fei-Fan Chang beat recently but an experienced fighter. Yi-Hao Wang gets forced out of the fight, leaving the women to the fighting. The fight continues and slowly the face of Oryu appears instead of Ning Wang’s face and they find out is a puppet controlled by Oryu. Fei-Fan Chang manages to control the full powers of the sword to force Oryu out of the control Ning Wang’s body.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Yi-Hao Wang, Ning Wang

Weather: Raining