Chapter 027 – Savior

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Story: Ning Wang’s body cannot stay alive and she dies as Oryu leaves her body for good. The fight is over and Fei-Fan Chang can feel the sword losing its power once more and the five dragons’ souls leaves the sword before turning into dragons again. Tu reveals himself to be Heng Qin all along, while Mu was the one healing Fei-Fan Chang from her injuries. Yi-Hao Wang gets angry that they could not save his father, but suddenly he appears too and tells him to become the new and rightful ruler of the country as everything happens according to the gods. Yi-Hao Wang agrees with tears in his eyes, but Fei-Fan Chang holds his hand to cheer him up. Yi-Hao Wang asks for Fei-Fan Chang’s hand and because of her love for him, she accepts instantly. The dragons break the sword into five parts before they return to each of their temples with a part from the sword to prevent it from every getting in the wrong hands again. Fei-Fan Chang and Yi-Hao Wang enjoy the stars appearing in the night sky.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Yi-Hao Wang, Yi-Chen Wang, Ning Wang, Tu, Shui, Jin, Mu, Huo

Weather: Sunny