Chapter 029 – Strange package

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Story: Fei-Fan Chang is on the way home by the metro when a text notification appears arrives on her phone telling her package is at the post office for pickup. She cannot remember ordering anything and more confusing, the text tells it is her last chance to pick it up or the package will get sent back. She decides to check by the post office as it is only a minor detour for her. She gets to the post office in time, but because of the coming up new year it is full of people, so it gets late before she finally gets the packages. The package looks big and heavy when then the post woman brings it but surprisingly it is light for her. She notices that the sender is her grandfather, but he died last year but then she remembers it is her 21th birthday and his last words to her was asking what she wanted for birthday as a woman. There is a small letter from him too, and he explains how sorry he is that he cannot be with her on the birthday, but the stupid cancer has beaten him. She cannot wait, so she opens the package right and finds five dragons who seemly dances in joy while each of them is holding a letter so five more letters. She opens the first one, and it is some kind of puzzle which quickly tells her to finish it at home instead of out in the home.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang

Weather: Evening and new moon