Chapter 030 – A wreaked home

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Story: 000001 arrives to the complex, she are living in but as she arrives to her appartment the door is opened and even from a distance, she can see things broken and such. Tears run down her cheeks but her mind quickly get focus on the hidden present from her grandfather. She tries to call the cops but their operator just till her they have no men ready at this moments and because of the crime rate, they cannot promise anything so she shall just start cleaning. She decide to call her boss to the him about it and they agree that she can get 2 days off to clean and handle it all. Her mind cannot lose the focus of the present so she locks the door and decide to go for the hidden present. She gets to the place and after some searching she finds a heavy present with both hers and her grandfather’s name on. It is so heavy that she decide to go home with it without opening it

Characters: 000001

Weather: Evening and new moon