Chapter 031 – Dragon dance

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Story: She arrives at the train station and because it is now so late, she is all alone in the train but already after the stop five men enters the train too and before 000001 can do something the youngest of them stands in front of her demanding that she hand over the present or she will die on this train. She realize that it is the mafia but why would they want a present that her grandfather have hidden for her in 5 years. She gets a slap on the face by the young man before she managed to reply him and do as he says. The young man takes the case but something stops him on the way to the remaining men and he suddenly starts opening which starts pissing off the remaining men, making them yell loudly of him and telling him that the boss told them to bring the package to him unopened. Suddenly simple wooden cage in the pap and paper appears and soon a sword is found inside, which makes the men pull their guns as they can see the young man’s eyes has changed. A fight breaks out and he is hurt but kills them all with the sword while 000001 is screaming.

Characters: 000001, 000005

Weather: Night and new moon