Chapter 034 – Stranger or family

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Story: A man yells and it is Yi-Chen Wang who wants to sort the mess out for his son before it is too late to turn back. Yi-Chen Wang tells his son Yi-Hao Wang to kill Fei-Fan Chang and bring the sword down before their leader gets the idea of killing them both. Fei-Fan Chang gets confused about why would the mafia want an old sword so badly that they will kill a stranger who has never hurt a fly and she almost throws the sword out of the window but Yi-Hao Wang stops her. Fei-Fan Chang closes her eyes as she believes that Yi-Hao Wang will kill her, but he asks about a backdoor instead. The mafia knew about the backdoor too, so Yi-Hao Wang kills a few men before they escape on a motorbike with the mafia in their tail. Police cars appear and make the mafia leave the chase before they end up capturing Fei-Fan Chang and Yi-Hao Wang in the end.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Yi-Hao Wang, Yi-Chen Wang

Weather: Night and rainy