Chapter 039 – Death or alive

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Story: The mafia leader laughter while pulling forward the sword. She tortures him by revealing that he could have saved them all, including his father, if he had just done his job. The torture and sight of Yi-Chen Wang getting killed rages Yi-Hao Wang, and somehow he escapes the rope holding him. He gets the sword from the surprised leader and tries to run away with Fei-Fan Chang. The mafia leader sends out her men to catch them. When they catch them in the elevator, Fei-Fan Chang has disappeared, only Yi-Hao Wang is there. Yi-Hao Wang looks confused but kills a few of them with the sword before becoming recaptured. He gets returned to the mafia leader again, she decides to execution him with the sword while her men continue to search for Fei-Fan Chang. The mafia leader asks if he has any last words and Yi-Hao Wang spits in her face before replying time, which annoyed the boss so much that she is about to stab him with the chapter end.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Yi-Hao Wang

Weather: No mention, maybe rain on windows not sure yet