Chapter 057 – Last second save

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Story: She wakes up and learns by a nurse that it is the day that she was sent back to the past in first place and that if she does not act quickly she will lose both 000005 and 000013 again. The nurse will not let her go, but she manages to escape out of the window and finds the sword again. She has to work fast to get to warehouse that her past self is hidden together with 000005 and 000013. She enters the place just as she hear the gunshot that kills 000013 and she know she is about to be sent to the past. 000005 runs right past her with herself before the mafia men takes him back. She follows them from the shadow to the room and even she do not know what is going to happen she knows it will be bad. The blade is about to hit 000005 when 000001 future blocks the strike. The mafia boss scream and 000001 future notice something about her eyes before police stroms the place. 000013 stands up and explain he knew who she was from the start when she called him to warn them about two people escaping the mafia. 000005 is confused and 000001 gives a fake story as she do not belive he will believe the truth but before the story is over is the mafia boss escaping the police.

Characters: 000001 future, 000001 past, 000005, 000013

Weather: Not mentioned