Chapter 059 – Who are we?

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Story: Tu starts back when the earth was new. Tu and the five other dragons was sent to earth to destroy the human’s as they not acting the way they should, but Tu fell in love with them and decide to give them a chance by teaching them the elements. The humans started acted like humans do and soon they world was at war again so Tu decide that he and the dragons should become gods. The elder dragons learned of Tu and the rest of dragons failure to destroy the humans and decide to act. Tu had lost a good part of his love for humans but decide to try, defend them anyway but the elder dragons was too strong. Oryu, the dragon of the void used her powers to create a weapon, a sword, that was strong enough to beat the elder dragons but it needed some of each dragon’s soul to work and it had a small chance of breaking the user soul into two. Tu is hurt when he tries to scare the elder dragons away so Oryu use the sword in his place only for it to break her soul into two. Good Oryu and Evil Oryu is formed. Evil Oryu tries to get the power over the dragons but Tu manages to banish her to the void world where she can only escape if she gets hands on the sword, but her powers are too strong to block for, so she can control humans for periods of time. The dragons tries to destroy the sword so and manages to break it into 5 parts but an explosion breaks the island they are on, into two. Isle of Man and Isle of Gods. 000001 does not believe the story at first but Tu kisses her and reveals his dragon from plus that she is Good Oryu.

Characters: 000001 (Good Oryu), 000005 (Tu)

Weather: Not mentioned