Chapter 064 – Good vs Evil

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Story: Good Oryu walks to the temple in doubt about what she can do against Evil Oryu. As she gets to the temple, she watches with horror as the sword is laying on a rock whole and ready to use. She tries to reach it but Evil Oryu is there too and she picks it up. Yi-Chen Wang (Evil Oryu) tries to use the sword power but nothing happens which makes her so angry as she does not understand why it won’t when it had enough power to free her from the void. Yi-Chen Wang (Evil Oryu) still wants to fight and is sure of the victory, so she throws a sword to Good Oryu so they can fight against each other with swords. Evil Oryu quickly gets the upper hand but wants to torture Good Oryu, so she plays with her and gives her small cut marks everywhere.

Characters: Yi-Chen Wang (Evil Oryu), Fei-Fan Chang (Good Oryu)

Weather: Not mentioned