Chapter 065 – The missing piece

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Story: Evil Oryu is really hurting Good Oryu and Good Oryu is thinking about just giving up by letting her getting killed. A blow leaves on her the ground and Good Oryu keeps laying down with her eyes closed while quietly begging Evil Oryu to finish her. Evil Oryu is laughing and is about to do what Good Oryu when her attack gets blocked by an invisible force. When she tries again, the same happens, and the sound makes Good Oryu open her eyes again just to see Tu, Shui, Huo, Mu, Jin appear out of the thin air. Evil Oryu screams and tries to attack them, but the invisible force blocks every attack. Tu hands Good Oryu a hand and raises her up while Evil Oryu gets more and more frustrated that she cannot attack when she noticed small sculpture in each of Tu, Shui, Huo, Mu, Jin hands. Knowing that she got tricked, she uses her powers to control Good Oryu and for a moment it works, but Tu blocks it so they can get merged into one as Good Oryu is finally strong enough to become one again.

Characters: Good Oryu, Tu, Shui, Huo, Mu, Jin, Evil Oryu

Weather: Not mentioned