Chapter 069 – Evil will rise

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Story: The fight between Tu, Good Oryu and elder dragon of time Shijian is about to start. Even that the fight is just started he is too strong for them and Tu is quickly hurt badly, leaving only Good Oryu able to fight when Evil Oryu wakes up. Good Oryu gets hurt very hurt too and starts to plea Evil Oryu for help but at first she is like why help when she wants to rule the world but Shijian explain she will get killed too as neither the earth nor young dragons is worthy of getting spared. The knowledge and the pain of Tu hurts evil Oryu, and when the sword falls in her hands, she takes a drastic decision. Tu knows what she plans to do before she does, so he forces Shijian away to so Evil Oryu can merge with Good Oryu while the sword also powers up.

Fight: Not sure how the fight will be yet

Characters: Good Oryu, Evil Oryu, Tu, Shijian

Weather: Not mentioned