Chapter 070 – Time to kill

No cover able or ready yet

Story: The whole Oryu beats Pohuai for good but the injuries leaves her unable to save herself or Tu who is dying too. She is sad that they are going to die, leaving no time to love each other after 4000 years separated on earth. She uses almost all of her remaining power to destroy the bodies of Jianli, Pohuai, and in the end Shijian to prevent the from returning. Tu smiles at her and gives her the medallion that she lost doing the quest to beat her evil self the first time and Oryu suddenly gets wild because her combined memory makes her remember it is not just a medallion but a time travel medallion she got from Pohuai before they got sent to earth. She prepares the medallion to make the able to go back in time while she tells him she is pregnant with a girl and she is thinking of naming her Xinling.

Fight: Not sure how the fight will be yet

Characters: Tu, Oryu, Pohuai, Xinling

Weather: Not mentioned