Chapter 070 – Time to kill

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Story: The whole Oryu is able to beat Pohuai for good and manages to stay together as one even while using the sword, she rushes over to Tu who is feeling his lifeforce leave him. She is sad that he is about to die leaving her all alone in the world. She destroy the bodies of Jianli, Pohuai and in the end Shíjian to make sure they do not gets to live again. As the body of Shijian disappers something from all times appears. The medalion that she brought to the emperor and she knows it is not just a medalion but the object controlling time. She rushes back to Tu and while she preperes to go back in time with him, she tells him that she is pregnant with a girl and she is thinking of naming her Xinling.

Fight: Not sure how the fight will be yet

Characters: Tu, Oryu, Pohuai

Weather: Not mentioned