Chapter 12 – Circle of death


Chapter 12 idea

Li Chen is found and they believe her when she tells them a fake story about her self as she presents to be the one sending the letters to Hui Wen and the resistance about the emperor and she knows an secure way to the palace so Jun Chen can finish the last evil Li Chen. Ling Chang tries to get a word but no one will listen, not even Jun Chen who appears like he cares more about the new girl than her. Suddenly Ling Chang gets injuries so the plans that Ling Chang, Jun Chen and Mei Chen travels to the palace to end it changes to only Jun Chen and Mei Chen. Ling Chang want to go too but her injure and the emperor wants her to stay so she stay while Jun Chen and Mei Chen starts their travel. It gets evening and Ling Chang wakes up by a bird trying to enter her tent only to find a small letter from Li Chen to Mei Chen about how it is going and she knows that Jun Chen is in danger.