Chapter 14 – Last fight


Chapter 14 idea

They enter the palace and in the throne room they are meet by him, ready to fight as a now dead solider has told him about his dead sister and he fears that his brother is death too. They fight and in the end is Ling Chang capture by the evil man and Jun Chen is force to give up because of his love. In the meantime has the emperor finally remembered where he has seen the girl before and rush to the palace. The evil man gives Ling Chang up as Jun Chen gives her sword but she is hurt badly by the evil man and Jun Chen manage to catch her. His love for her is too strong for him to continue the fight so they spends a moment while she dies in his hands and just hold her instead which the evil man uses to almost strike them both from behind but Jun Chen senses it while not having anything to live for anymore uses her sword to printed himself and the evil man killing them both.