Chapter 6 – A new home


Chapter 6 idea

Ling Chang wakes up three days after they have escape to Funanai and wants to train with Jun Chen but Hui Wen stops it because he is too scared of her rage after the attack on them. They eat dinner and go to bed but Ling Chang cannot sleep so she decides to go training in the night but is meet by a stranger and she awakes as it were a nightmare and not real. Ling Chang and Hui Wen walks to one of Hui Wen’s friends who makes a praying sculpture. Ling Chang learns how to be a woman in the time her hands heals by a female friend of Hui Wen and Jun Chen is training. Ling Chang is trying again to train at night without weapons because of her injuries. In the end starts training her because he feels it might make her able to control the rage.