Chapter 8 – Letters from home


Chapter 8 idea

Letters arrives from home about that the emperor is way to town and Jun Chen is angry because he figures out that Hui Wen has know that his father has been alive all the time. Ling Chang lives the place because she does not want to be part of the yelling and travels to the cave behind the waterfall. Jun Chen and Hui Wen ends up decide to save the emperor and goes on looking for Ling Chang. Mei Chen finds Jun Chen and quickly knows it is him so she tries to make him focus her instead of searching for Ling Chang, making her kiss him and other things but he is not snapping out of it so he is left behind. Mei Chen is about to send a massage to her Li Chen but is caught by her brother Gang Chen who is followed by the thief who Hui Wen killed the brother off and he noticed the kissing. Mei Chen is taken away and will be execute like the emperor because Gang Chen does not believe she is sent there by Li Chen to find Ling Chang and the others but to kill him because of the kiss. The day goes and it turns evening, Jun Chen and Hui Wen calls it a day of searching for her because Hui Wen fears that they cannot save her anyway as he thinks she is raging as the horse is gone too.