Dear reckoning

Cover by myself with image from build upon Dear…

This is the page of the sequel to my book Dear…, this one is named Dear reckoning and without spoiling much will take place a bit time after the events of book one. I have already decide the days so expect ‘chapters’ to arrive soon and who knows maybe I will add some extra in this one too.

Name / LinkPDF
Day 6N/A
Day 9N/A
Day 10N/A
Day 11N/A
Day 17N/A
Day 19N/A
Day 28N/A
Day 35N/A
Day 40N/A
Day 43N/A
Day 44N/A
Day 45N/A
Day 47N/A
Day 48N/A
Day 54N/A
Day 56N/A
Day 57N/A
Day 61N/A
Day 71N/A
Day 76N/A
Day 105N/A
Day 109N/A
Day 110N/A
Day 111N/A
Day 115N/A
Day 116N/A
Day 119N/A
Day 124N/A
Day 125N/A
Day 131N/A
Day 140N/A
Day 158N/A
Day 159N/A
Day 162N/A
Day 171N/A
Day 174N/A
Day 175N/A
Day 184N/A
Day 185N/A
Day 186N/A
Day 189N/A
Day 206N/A
Day 207N/A
Day 217N/A
Day 227N/A
Day 231N/A
Day 233N/A
Day 236N/A
Day 245N/A
Day 247N/A
Day 254N/A
Day 258N/A
Day 271N/A
Day 272N/A
Day 273N/A
Day 277N/A
Day 278N/A
Day 281N/A
Day 284N/A
Day 290N/A
Day 300N/A
Day 319N/A
Day 320N/A
Day 321N/A
Day 324N/A
Day 327N/A
Day 335N/A
Day 342N/A
Day 345N/A
Day 347N/A
Day 351N/A
Day 354N/A
Day 357N/A