Normally this would be where you would read some story about the writer or maybe an intro to the novel but I don’t have a long speech or anything, I just want a chance to thank everyone who has helped me to get this far including those I mention in my copyright and thanks page.

I have tried to write it since 2008, my second year of high school, so lots of time and lots of different people who all know their place in the story of this creation.

Since I started a lot of different ideas has come and go like a waterfall but in the end I stood with this one and I rather have one story I feel is mine instead of a series of 12 stories which did not feel like it in the first place.

Before I let you dive in, I just want to say that you can do everything that you want and do not let anybody or anything stop you before you have reached the place you feel like is the goal. Sorry it got longer than I expected.


Jesper T. Christiansen, The Writer