The story starts with Jiang Chen is in the room with bedroom of his father the mighty Bai Chen, who is on his death bed. They are together with Shi Chen, Jiang Chen’s older brother and heir to the throne in the country but as Bai Chen is almost dying he decides to pick Jiang Chen to take over his empire instead which of course makes Shi Chen pissed. He pulls his sword and strikes after Jiang Chen who is only saved by Xiao Chang who happens to be his bodyguard. Shi Chen runs out and tries to escape but is blocked by guards. Then suddenly is An Chen walking past with Jun Chen and he captures her to escape but Xiao Chang manages to save Jun Chen before Shi Chen kills An Chen and escape while cursing them all. Xiao Chang returns Jun Chen to Jiang Chen and begs forgiveness for not being able to save the wife and only Jun Chen but Jiang Chen lets him stand quickly and proclaims him to be the highest general of his armies.
20 years later the story continues with blind Ling Chang sneaking out to the meeting point of she and her father who is out training with the men of the town. Xiao Chang is the general of the emperor’s most trusted men and her mother is a former concubine of the emperor, who was given to Xiao Chang for saving the emperor’s life. When we meet him, he is getting ready to fight the emperor’s brother who has returned and wants the power once more. The brother has agreed to spare the town if Xiao Chang defeat him. The fight goes well but the kids of the brother is not having the same sweetness as their father so they kill them both and resume command of the army. They attack the town and Ling Chang only escapes because her mother has felt the death of Xiao Chang and prepared a horse with sword and other important things for her. She are followed by some soldiers but the weather and an old man saves her. They becomes friends and they travel to the emperor’s palace as Ling Chang was trying to, but they are attacked by more soldiers and Ling Wang shows her powers as a fighter even she is blind and hurt. The old man gets a bit scared of her but promise to help her get revenge. They get to the palace but are denied entrance because they cannot prove who they are until Ling Chang remembers the medallion her mother gave her before sending her away. She falls off the horse in the progress and makes a mess that ends up throwing the crown prince Jun Chen of his horse and land directly on Ling Chang who falls in love. They get entrance and Ling Chang get treated some of her injuries but the joy is short as the palace is attacked and the three of them escapes the palace and town while the emperor stays behind. They escapes to a small farm horse far from the which is the former home of the old man who starts training them in become great people. Ling Wang is hunted by nightmares and the old man helps her by giving her a sculpture of the family symbol, a dragon, and he also make a small place for her to pray. Jun Chen gets fighting training and how to be an emperor while Ling Chang gets more woman stuff and she finds it boring as she wants to revenge her family but the old man is too scared to train her. Jun Chen starts training her at night and starts growing feelings for her but one knight the old man notice the training and their love and demands they stop both things. They try to keep their love a secret and it becomes more easy after they find a waterfall with a cave behind and their love grows stronger and stronger. One day is a letter from the emperor arriving telling them that he is going to be executed and Jun Chen demands that they save his father. The old man is against it and Ling Wang gets scared and sad because of her love with Jun Chen and runs to the cave behind the waterfall, leaving the two men to find her. Unknown to them is that two of the kids have almost found them and have taken the emperor with them to kill them and him in the nearby town to make sure that people are understanding who has the power. Jun Chen finds her at the waterfall doing the night where she is full of nightmares again and when he finally gets her awake, he smells smoke and they run back to the house to find it burning as the old man has set in on fire to destroy the tracks of them but the smoke is also coming from the nearby town. They decide to check it out and find the town burning while soldiers is killing and raping everything, they get to the market and suddenly sees the emperor ready to be executed. The male of the kids is there too and demands they give up but they rather fight so they fight the best they have learned, even Ling Chang who has used her training. They fight hard and suddenly an army appears to help them but the old man dies but he manage to give them his blessing in their love as he knows that they need it as he cannot stop them anyway. They meet a woman in the mess who bares a medallion like Ling Chang and Jun Chen thinks it is someone form Ling Chang’s town. Ling Chang cannot tell if she is or not as she is blind so they decide to make let her join the party. The emperor decides he wants to reclaim the palace and country but the woman says she can get them in and kill the last evil without other killings. The emperor agrees it is the best and let the three of them travel to the palace alone without the army. In reality she is the sister of the evil man, they just killed, trying to hide her true nature but is using their trust to get to back home to her last brother or maybe kill them on the way. They gets closer to the palace where she hurts Ling Chang to prevent her from joining the remaining way and they leave her behind and Jun Chen promise to kill the last evil before coming back for her. When they are alone is she attacks him and only because Ling Chang hears some guards talking about a female leader she knows who the girl is and rush to save Jun Chen. She manage to get there in time and after some fighting she wins over the girl leaving only the last male left. They enter the palace and in the throne room they are meet by him, ready to fight as a now dead solider has told him about his dead sister and he fears that his brother is death too. They fight and in the end is Ling Chang capture by the evil man and Jun Chen is force to give up because of his love. In the meantime has the emperor finally remembered where he has seen the girl before and rush to the palace. The evil man gives Ling Chang up as Jun Chen gives her sword but she is hurt badly by the evil man and Jun Chen manage to catch her. His love for her is too strong for him to continue the fight so they spends a moment while she dies in his hands and just hold her instead which the evil man uses to almost strike them both from behind but Jun Chen senses it while not having anything to live for anymore uses her sword to printed himself and the evil man killing them both. As he closes his eyes, are his father, the emperor entering the palace with lots of men but too late to save any of them. When he gets to the throne room and notice them together, he sees a couple of butterflies flying up and into the sky before despairing in the moonlight.

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