Iron Gates

My eyelids are heavy as iron gates trying to hold evil out but my eyelids are not blocked things out but keeping me from seeing the world as it is.

I know I am not seeing the same world as you as if you did you would try to change it like I want to, but cannot because my voice is small.

I tried whispering, talking, calling, yelling but no one heard me so now I am afraid that if I close my eyelids I will forget the world and become one of the workers.

I want to tell you what I see, but you would not understand and I do not have enough time to explain everything.

My eyes are closing now maybe for the last time as I know there is people trying to stop me and pull a gun against my head to either blow my brain out or brainwash me into believing that the world is a great place.

I am heading for the bridge as I do not want them to get a chance to change my view of the world so while I am just a human in a big world that only i understand completely then I rather died at my own hand than others even it means my pain will try to stop me.

They say I am the weird one while they are the normal ones just because I see the notes that leaves the belly of a bird and the rain drops making a flower red.

I can feel my eyelids fighting to stay up for the last series of seconds but I will hit the water and closed my eyes for the last time and let the iron gates close for never.

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 2 May 2021