Here you can find my poems

80S Game Poetry

This is 3 games that I changed into a bit of poetry. I don’t know if it really is poetry or not but felt the need to write and share them with the world.

Snake – 1st life – OnlinePDF
Pacman – 2nd life – OnlinePDF
Galaga – 3rd life – OnlinePDF


This is my poems about colors, not sure if I will add more than ‘Color of the rainbow’ as it covers them all but felt it needed a place on its own

Color of the rainbow – OnlinePDF


This is my poems about feelings

Tears – OnlinePDF
Smile – OnlinePDF
Love & Hate – OnlinePDF
Explosions – OnlinePDF
Soul – Online PDF
Body – OnlinePDF
I.. – OnlinePDF
Life – OnlinePDF
But the phone is ringing – Online PDF
I am the alien in this world – OnlinePDFNEW


Small poems I have written on twitter that I felt needed a home here too, but won’t make PDF versions as they are so short

Twitter poem 1 – Online
Twitter poem 2 – Online

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