I am the alien in this world

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

I walk miles on this earth
I speak languages on this earth
I breath air on this earth
I live my life on this earth

But… I do not understand
I do not understand you
I do not understand me
I do not understand anything

Are we created or born on this earth?
Are we feeling or painless on this earth?
Are we alone or together on this earth?
Are we walking or flying on this earth?

But… I do not understand
I do not understand you
I do not understand me
I do not understand anything

I speak the same as you but I do not understand
I walk the same as you but I do not understand
I eat the same as you but I do not understand
I feel the same as you but I do not understand

But… I do not understand
I do not understand you
I do not understand me
I do not understand anything

I am the alien in this world
I want to scream loudly
I am the alien in this world
I want to run away
I am the alien in this world
I want to touch you
I am the alien in this world
I want to love you
I… I… I… am the alien in a world where no one really care for anyone and only lives for money and fame

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 20 Oktober 2021

Day 379

Dear diary

The soldiers have finally brought me to the main camp where the northern army is doing their operations. I am glad we made it there alive and even more happy for the surprise which was waiting for me there. My father, Brian, is alive and yeah, I know, I said, I am happy, but I am also sad and annoyed that he left my mom and I plus I wish my mother could have met her once more before she died. I hope he will explain the thoughts that went through his head the day before he had to leave us. He already told me that the reason he left was because he wanted to protect the weapon from falling in the wrong hands and he was not sure the military was the right ones either, which was why he gave it to me. I wonder how he could have known that the aliens would attack years after but guess it is not my headache and now I just need to prove to the army the weapon works but I lied a bit in my diary because I really don’t know how it works. I can sleep in peace that I finally am free of the aliens and that I am not alone in the world anymore.


Day 373

Dear diary

I am so happy today because real men found my buried diary, and they deemed my knowledge and weapon important for humans, so they saved me. They translated my code in the diary and decided it was important to save me and the weapon. The aliens almost allowed me to leave with no death on either side. I guess they also want peace sometimes. I am so happy to be breathing free air, hear real human voices and do anything I please without worrying about who would stop me. The soldiers tell me they are from the northern army, which is a few days away from here, and they are only a scout group. I know that you, my dear diary, have missed me, but I am so tired after being social around real people. I will sleep now and then tell you more soon.


Dear reckoning news

Hello Anyone

I am not finished writing down the new idea of Dear reckoning but I am far enough with the idea to start write chapters, so starting tomorrow unless I am super tried from my long work day I will start. I cannot wait to get it written so I can publish it on Apple Books too. I have also change the number of days because I wanted it to keep a bit of the style from book 1, so the numbers are still prime numbers like last one but no secret page this time. I hope you will enjoy

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Dear reckoning and Beyond love existence news

Hello Anyone

Well today I have 2 news for you:

  1. I am restarting Dear reconing so now only the days are decided and I am hoping to start it again before this week is over so I can get some words out of my head and down on paper so it does not stay stuck in there lol
  2. The same thing can be said about Beyond love existence but this time it wont have dragons or sword of gods inside it but still taking place in somethging like middle age China or something. But fear not the idea with dragons and so on will not be forgotten, I will just write another story for that but not sure of any details about that yet. I do not know when the new story or Beyond love existence will get written but expect some time after Dear Reconing

I will now remove the old Dear reconing so they do not confuse here. They will still be on post page but not inside the page for it and they will get added _old to their name.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Day 379 _old

Dear diary

Things are going smoothly as we are slowly reclaiming some of the area that used to be under control by the aliens. I cannot say if it is going easier than expected as I am no soldier but I have not heard of many dead soldiers and so on. On the other hand there is a bit bad as we do not see any bodies of former death soldiers so the areas we reclaim is often ghost areas when we finally makes the aliens retreat. I want to join the fight bit my father will not allow me and is talking about how important I am to him, and he also talked about that he might send me and a group of men to another area where the scientists maybe can figure out some way to harvest the energy from my stone. I had completely forgot about it as even I know its power and that I have been protecting it since he gave me, I was still surprised about sending me away with it when the battle is going fine so far. He says he will have decided by sometime next week, maybe 2 if things go high wire. It is going to be an interesting week as I am not sure I am ready to leave my father after almost being killed and lost so many who was close to me. Guess I will hold the flag even closer tonight as the talks about maybe take it away from me has grown.

Good night dear diary

Day 375 _old

Dear diary

Nothing much has happened today but I am building up my life again while trying to help the army in every way I can even I am just a woman who has lost her baby and been a kindergarten teacher all my life. The soldiers are getting used to work with the leader daughter and because I am doing my part no one is trying to be gentle with me because of my father’s status. The aliens has been attacking our camp a few times but so far the worst which happened to us is a broken arm and that was not even the aliens who did that. I was the one treating him so I know the story first hand even I was not near the attack where it happened. I am still sleeping with the flag as a blanket to hold it close to my heart even that there are talks we don’t have many flags left so might need to return it soon so we can prove who we are to other humans. Guess that was all for today

Good night dear diary

Day 370 _old

Dear diary

I was so sad about my little child yesterday that I forgot to say that the army I am with now is being lead by my father and the lie about the car crash was true to even me and my mother because he did that to hide himself from the aliens as the government and military had known the aliens was going to attack for many years but they worried that the normal people would found it hard to grasp so they kept it a secret. Just one note about my father, even he is leading the army the he is no soldier, he is just one of those people with most knowledge about the aliens and the rocks that we are use to defend ourself with. I cannot tell what it does yet as I have not seen it in action yet as my camp was saved by normal tanks and machine guns like any other war on this earth. You can expect my surprise when the army was attack by an other army while both was trying to explain to you that they was the real humans and not the others. My father was the one saving me and the sight of him made me believe that they were the humans. I of course asked him a few questions about mom to check and he knew every part of them without even a second to blink. So I would say that if he is an alien then they have done a fine job creating an imposter. Well I am sure you are more interested in the rocks that my reunion with my father but can only say it is the same turquoise rock it always have been and my father would not answer my questions about it yet. I am sad that my mother did not get to my father again before she vanished but it feels like a big rock, no pun attended, that I have started writing again as it helps me moron the death. That reminds I forgot to tell you take my father made some of the army guys burry my husband the same way he would have been if it was a fight against humans so they have placed a gun a cross and given me an flag to keep. I am holding it close when sleeping because the smell of sweat, blood and gun powder really makes me feel alive and reminds me to carry on.

Good night diary

Day 369 _old

Dear diary

It has been 2 days since I revealed to you guys that I had lied to you for most of my diary and I was not sure if I should even continued writing for another year as I would not be sure if you would believe me but events has force my mind. I want to make it clear that today I have good and bad news where the bad news is the events that have forced my mind to write again to help clear my mind. The good news is that I have been saved by the real army which makes of course makes you wonder what army I was with in the first place and like I told you that was a lie and I was really being captured by the aliens and that was why they did not want me to leave champ and search for my mother or husband. Another lie which was a good news is that my father lives and not dead as I told you in the first place as I wanted to hide him from the aliens as the rocks he found is one of the few defenses we have against the aliens. On bad news I am writing this with tears in my eyes which wants to run down my cheeks any time soon and my body is filled with sorrow. My child died doing the birth and I have buried away from it all so it can rest in peace while the world battles the aliens to make the future a better place.

Goodnight dear diary

But the phone is ringing

Photo by Tyler Lastovich from Pexels

My mind is spinning
My gun is pointing
My life is ending
But the phone is ringing

My eyes are wetting
My lips are feeling
My breaths are slowing
But the phone is ringing

My mom is screaming
My father is blaming
My love is hiding
But the phone is ringing

My mind is escaping
My hand is moving
My heart is beating
I am answering the phone

The voices are returning
The feelings are winning
The rounds are falling
I am talking in the phone

The police are coming
The wheels are turning
The doctors are saving
I am hearing “low battery”

My mom is hugging
My father is crying
My love is returning
I am losing the connection

My soul is staying
My life is living
My will is waking
And the phone is ringing again

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 26 July 2021

Short news update 3

Hello Anyone

Today I have added a new page to this site which contains all know info about my future sequel to Dear… which will be named Dear reckoning… Not much else to say, I might make a new cover for Dear… though. I hope to have the cover or covers done by sunday as I will be a bit busy.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Short news update

Hello Anyone

Today I just want to give you a short news as my mind has gone crazy the past hour and as I am trying to get a story on paper now but I have ideas for a sequel for ‘dear…’ I know it is not long ago since I published the first one and I do not have more to tell at this moment but I hope to be added more info about it tomorrow.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Iron Gates part 2

My eyelids has opened once more, but my world has changed as I was saved by evil

The people against me, think they have turned me into another of their disciple and that I am now fighting for their cause

The people against me, forgets that you only need one thing to clean things, which is water

I am crying now and slowly the evil world is turning into my world again and it looks better than ever before giving me strength to what I have to do next

I have become a wolf in sheep’s clothing as they tampered with my mind and tried to remove all my colors

They forgot one, for which I am grateful, as now I will blow up their center of power so the world can be a better for you while my eyelids hopefully will stay closed this time.

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 16 May 2021

Book published on Apple Books

Hello Anyone

Today I have published my book dear… on Apple Books and is just waiting for it to be reviewed. I had added a new PDF here and will add Apple Books link when it is online. Thanks for following me on this journey and now I will focus even harder on Beyond love existence as I want it to be awesome as well.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Added secret page & other news

Hello Anyone

No one has been able to find my ‘missing’ page in my Dear… story so now I have published it as post too, then you just have to read it. Of other news I am trying to get Dear… on Goodreads and iBooks both which was harder than expected plus the Apple Books made me take a few deep breaths as it is the first time I am publishing something. Will try to get both done by this weekend.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Day 367

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Iron Gates

My eyelids are heavy as iron gates trying to hold evil out but my eyelids are not blocked things out but keeping me from seeing the world as it is.

I know I am not seeing the same world as you as if you did you would try to change it like I want to, but cannot because my voice is small.

I tried whispering, talking, calling, yelling but no one heard me so now I am afraid that if I close my eyelids I will forget the world and become one of the workers.

I want to tell you what I see, but you would not understand and I do not have enough time to explain everything.

My eyes are closing now maybe for the last time as I know there is people trying to stop me and pull a gun against my head to either blow my brain out or brainwash me into believing that the world is a great place.

I am heading for the bridge as I do not want them to get a chance to change my view of the world so while I am just a human in a big world that only i understand completely then I rather died at my own hand than others even it means my pain will try to stop me.

They say I am the weird one while they are the normal ones just because I see the notes that leaves the belly of a bird and the rain drops making a flower red.

I can feel my eyelids fighting to stay up for the last series of seconds but I will hit the water and closed my eyes for the last time and let the iron gates close for never.

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 2 May 2021