Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 1

Suddenly the edge of a shaft hit 000001 in the nick from another soldier and with a scream she fell to the ground. 000004 wanted to help her so he kicked backwards and managed to hit the leader so he lost his grip on the sword and gave him the chance to help 000001 who were shooting her head. “What happened?” 000001 said with a her normal voice and when her eyes meet 000004, her eyes had too turned normal and now they had returned to the scared ones instead of the fear some ones. The soldier behind the strike looked confused about what just had happened to the female killer but he quickly regained focused and took no chance and started to strike against 000001. Just as the sword was about to hit her, 000004 had managed to reach her sword and block the attack. “Get up” he yelled as he finished off the man so the blood hit 000001 who started screaming instead of licking it like before. “I said, get up… I will tell you everything afterward, but now we has to survive this first”

Software review of Remembear


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Remembear
Developer: TunnelBear LLC
Version: 1.4.16
Platforms: Everywhere
Price: Free to download and use all you want but if you want it sync it cost $35.99 a year or $5.99 a month

The app is a service for you to easy keep control of all your passwords, credit cards and notes. I use it for all my passwords, my credit cards and the notes I use to remember all my license codes. It is a super simple app so you just login and then you just add what you want. It can also save passwords automatical and autofill. I do not know what else to say as it is super simple and just works. It is by the creators of Tunnelbear.

Famous last words: Simple and secure password manager, get it before you get hack

Chapter updated again

Hello Anyone

Chapter 3 is updated again and I am sorry if it is a bit bloody at the moment but it will soon be gone and even the cover seems like it does not fit I will make it fit later on. I have also decided that I will return with parts instead of just update news like now soon, just not sure if now or after this chapter.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.