Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 2

“Relax and take a deep breath even it might hurt” 000005 said as he started to remove her cloches a bit so he could get to the wound. 000001 could feel the confusion in her head grow but a sudden pain woke her up like someone was pulling her up. “I am so sorry about…More

Ups forgot time

Today I simply forgot thew time as I was playing around with docker and such so no part todayMore

Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 1

000001 opened her eyes and watched as the fireplaces in the towers above the turned on one by one, even that the sun was slowly raising in the east. “Where are we?” She asked and stretched but stopped as the pain from her injuries grew too big. 000005 looked at her and smiled “This is…More

No gaming for me until fixed pc

My gaming pc cooling broke for good so now I am going to send it to the sale and see what happens. I am waiting for my RMA right now and is so tried of things breaking around me. But at least I can still write and such once my focus return which is not…More

Mind is still gone but legs are there

Today I still have no way to start chapter 4 and is not sure about how much time I will have tomorrow as for some beep reason I have to walk 8km total to pick up my package which was suposed to be left 1,6km total. But guess training is training. Today I went for…More

Didnt feel chapter 4 but rest of story

I did not feel chapter 4 in my fingers today but added some chapter ideas instead as my fingers wanted to write them instead. So enjoy that if you want to read along. Some of you might feel you know the story already as it is a bit like an old version of my ideas…More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 12

The sun keep shining above him and suddenly a woman appear before him, she was very beautiful and all naked. “Who are you?” 000010 said but the woman did not reply at all and instead another beautiful and naked woman appeared. She was different from the first one but like the first she did not…More

Chapter part early but new info

I know that I gave you my part early today and maybe it was not super long but the rest of the day I have been watching football and Blade of the immortal both to relax and get ideas. So now I have updated the story all the way to chapter 28 and trust me,…More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 11

Back at 000010’s tent stood 000010 smiling before he entered his tent alone while another soldier had turned up to become the new second guard. As he gave him was 000012 already there and 000010 smile grew even bigger. “You are getting too good at sneaking into important places… I might need to kill you…More

Forgot time because of supernatural

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Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 10

“That is a deal my dear brother” 000011 said and let 00010 explained the rest of the plans of their conquest. When he finally was done it had turned evening. “Let us rest before starting the conquest tomorrow” 000010 said and both 000011 and 000012 nodded in agreement before finishing their wine glasses. The map…More

One of those days

I am one of those guys who people have been called a nerd for centuries but one of those days that always happens in comics happened to me. I did not become a superhero or super villain, I became a God and no it was not that I got unlimited power and such things, I…More

New simple design + bye discord server

I have changed a bit on the design again and I have decided to kill my discord server as it was more or less death anyway, but still have my discord if you want to write or chat with me. I am also thinking of focusing 100% on my novel again but will keep an…More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 9

“No need to be angry my dear brother, I know you feel the same as I and our sister do so too let us make a deal” 000010 said calmly before drinking the remaining wine is his cup and was about to continue when 000011 got inpatient and replied “what deal?” He said and pulled…More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 8

The brother entered the tent just as they had become serious. “Now that we are all here, I am ready to start the meeting” 000010 said calmly and looked at the map. “As you all know, then we are here in Shinobe which used to be home of the emperor’s most trusted general but now…More