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3rd day of bad sleep

Hello anyone

I will try to write something tomorrow as I am so tired today. The day started with headache but got started anyway but for some reason the train was at another platform and did not notice before it was too late so ended going the wrong direction and instead of getting there by around 9am I got there by around 11am so pretty bad start and now I am super sleepy after my 3rd day with bad sleep.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.


Software review of Infuse

The icon of Infuse

Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Infuse
Developer: FireCore
Version: 6.5.2
Platforms: iOS, TvOS, Romours about a future MacOS
Price: Free to download and use but if you want it all it is either a subscription at $0.99 for monthly, Yearly $9.99 Infuse Pro or Lifetime $59.99

The app is a movie player which packs everything you need from downloading of the movie from your NAS, showing them no matter what format you pick, and it just works. My old NAS is too old to run Plex anymore so was thinking about getting a new one but this awesome software shows me all the meta data about my movies and TV-shows and it is no longer feeling slow. The only 2 small minus I have is one you cannot play your music but I use Apple Music now so do not care and two you cannot edit you own data inside the app which sometimes annoy me by showing Russian covers for my movies when the movie is English. I use it very often as I am a big movie freak and it offers to tell you what you have seen and everything. So super awesome movie player, the step after VLC which I also used before.

Famous last words: If your movies is on a NAS which is too slow for plex (another great steaming software of own media) then use this for your devices and if Mac version is coming soon it is going to me player of players

Beyond Love Existence

Sleepy day

Hello Anyone

No part today as my body was just tired all the time so only did what I had to do and even I want to include book in that daily I have to cut it today. Tomorrow I will review Infuse which is an awesome movie player I use almost every time I watch movies

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.