New simple design + bye discord server

I have changed a bit on the design again and I have decided to kill my discord server as it was more or less death anyway, but still have my discord if you want to write or chat with me. I am also thinking of focusing 100% on my novel again but will keep an…More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 9

“No need to be angry my dear brother, I know you feel the same as I and our sister do so too let us make a deal” 000010 said calmly before drinking the remaining wine is his cup and was about to continue when 000011 got inpatient and replied “what deal?” He said and pulled…More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 8

The brother entered the tent just as they had become serious. “Now that we are all here, I am ready to start the meeting” 000010 said calmly and looked at the map. “As you all know, then we are here in Shinobe which used to be home of the emperor’s most trusted general but now…More

No part but updated everything else

Hello anyone Today I have no part for you guys but instead I have updated everything else from the world to the people in the story… No names yet but hopefully soon 🙂 so please enjoy it all.More

Happy new year and a great christmas

Hello anyone Today I have returned and have already added a new part for you guys to read. I feel so alive again as guess I needed the holiday. I hope you had a great new years party and a great christmas. I have gotten some awesome presents, a Click and grow garden and a…More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 7

“No one mucks me and lives… I thought you knew that already, well too late now” 000010 said to the head of 000003 while cleaning the sword for the blood before he returned it into the sheath and turned around against his siblings who had watched it all. “My dear siblings, we need to make…More

New story page

Today was supossed to be another day for me and holiday but decided to update my story page a bit so it looks better and is easier to figure out. I am also doing new under pages with info but some of them is not completly ready so if you see a “Not Ready Yet”…More