Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 8

His eyes watched as the men one by one laid down their swords and soon he was the only one with a sword. “You too” Shi Chen yelled with anger in his voice and Xiao Chang dropped his sword like the others. Shi Chen slowly and calm walked past the men who did nothing else then following them with their eyes. Xiao Chang was the first and only who moved after him and followed him out of one room into the next one until the reached the throne hall. “This will be mine, soon enough” and a mighty thunder rolled in the sky with the rain falling more and more heavy. Jun Chen started crying again but the knife against An Chen made it impossible for her to take care of him. “Please lord, let me stop him from crying, I am sure that you are free to go now” She wanted to say more but Shi Chen just held the knife closer to her neck and yelled “Silence, you of all should know how your husband is” and then they walked out of the hall and walked out into the heavy rain which quickly ruined their clothes. A lightning crossed the sky with no thunder to follow and revealed the iris of a man, Xiao Chang. “Are you here to stop me?” Shi Chen yelled before the thunder made everything else silent. “No, I am here to return the empress and crown prince to my master and lord Jiang Chen”

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 7

“Shi Chen, you are hereby arrested for treason against the former emperor and the new one… I suggest you follow me quietly or you might not see the sun again” the highest guard said before he pulled his sword. Shi Chen could not believe his eyes, he has been the next in line less than an hour ago and now he was taken away like some animal just because he could not handle that his younger brother was the new ruler. But he decides to follow as commanded. “I will return and take my rightful place brother and you, Xiao Chang, will be placed in the darkest cell I can find and then you will stay there with your family” The guards just looked at Shi Chen ignoring his words. “I did not ask for this brother” Jiang Chen answered and look him directly in the eyes. “I did not know anything about our father’s plans but I can see why he did it as your hunger for power is as much as a normal mans need for air… Guards would you mind taking him away and makes sure his son is also taken the same place” The highest guard nodded and they continued out of the room when suddenly An Chen walked past with Jun Chen in her hands without knowing anything about the events that had just happened. “Jiang Chen, come here and help me make your son sleep again… No wait stop” but it was too late Shi Chen has taken a sword form a guard and was now holding it against a terrify An Chen with him behind her, using her as a shield. Shi Chen was the first to speak after the turn of events. “Let me and my family go or I will kill your wife and child” Xiao Chang looked at Jiang Chen who was speechless, making him take the command “Guards, on behalf on Lord Chen, I request you to stand down and let him leave so back away slowly”

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 6

The swords started clanking against each other like small fire works and even that Xiao Chang was hurt, he did a great job defending himself and Jiang Chen. “Why can we not be friends and I am sure this was why father did not want you to have any power.” Jiang Chen yelled of Shi Chen and continued fighting while the once clear sky had turned completely dark and rain falling in heavy drops. “You have both broken my heart and I do not want to be part of this family anymore” A guard fell death to the ground so now it was more fair teams but the fight was far form over. Suddenly the room was light up by a lightning and for a second the rain stopped before an ear deafening thunder rolled across the sky. “Guards” yelled Shi Chen in hope of getting more help and Xiao Chang looked worried at Jiang Chen but as the next guards entered where loyal to Bai Chen so they could not make themselves hurt a son of him. “Attack them” Shi Chen yelled of the guards who just stood still and even the guard that had been fighting at his side moments before had stopped and was just watching him with his sword on the ground. “They killed the emperor Bai Chen” which made even Jiang Chen about to speak up in return but the guards just kept still and looked at him.

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 5

“Our father has been death for less than a minute and now you are already trying to kill me, your own brother, just because father gave me, your position” Jiang Chen replied and looked blaming at his brother who was having fire in his eyes who calm for a second while he answer “I am sorry, brother… where are my manners… hand over the title of emperor to me and I promise to let you, your family and that dog Xiao Chang leave the palace alive” Jiang Chen was about to give it so thought but before he could even answer the fire in Shi Chen’s eyes returned and he striked again and this time he had the former guards on his side so they tried taken care of Xiao Chang by attacking him even more. Xiao Chang looked for a second at his best friend and now emperor who gave him a nod in acceptance and just as the first blood for his wound hit the wooden floor he spun around and started fighting while Jiang Chen pulled his and got ready to fight his brother.

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 4

Jiang Chen focused on his father and blocked out every sound and noise coming from Shi Chen. His eyes grew bigger while getting filled with tears both of pride of his father’s decision and his death. Outside the room where Xiao Chang talking with the guards while enjoying the quiet and not being part of the mess inside the room. “I think the old lord is death now” he said to the gaurd and continued “Maybe you should go get the priest…” he wanted to say more but his senses started alarming and instead he opened the door with such power that it ruin the hands and he had to throw it on the ground to be able to pull his sword. The guards tried to stop him as they had no idea what he were doing but the only one high sound where heard “clank” and the next was a mix of screams in pain and anger. Jiang Chen looked up from his father and noticed the sword for a guard entering the side of Xiao Chang while Xiao Chang’s sword had missed his back with a few inches. “What happe…” he managed to say before another clank were heard and he turned around and noticed it was Shi Chen who tried to strike him down.

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 3

“I… I… am giving…. The kingdom to you…” “Yes father, we know that the kingdom to me” Shi Chen broke in. Bai Chen closed his eyes for too long after Jiang Chen mind to return so he turned against Shi Chen and yelled “You prevented father from speaking his last words”, Shi Chen was prepared and yelled back “Maybe, but at least you got here before he died while I have been with him the past week” Jiang Chen was about to yell back once more when he felt his father hand trying to make him stop. “I… am… not death… yet, you fouls” Bai Chen broke in and continued “You act like a group of babies trying to get the last toy…” “Sorry father” Shi Chen and Jiang Chen said in unison voice while there were still lightning shooting between their eyes. “As… I was trying to say… I am giving the kingdom to… Jiang Chen instead of you, Shi Chen… because you always have been so power hungry” Shi Chen’s face became more and more red and yelled “How could you” but before his words had left his mouth was Bai Chen breathing gone and his eyes closed a last time. “I cannot believe it” Shi Chen continued.

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 2

A silence followed and the only sound heard was an owl outside in the moonlight hunting. Shi Chen broke the silence “Do you mind sending out Xiao Chang, so we can be alone when father dies?” He asked in simple voice that was not sure if it should sound sad or angry. Xiao Chang bowed to the men and left before Jiang Chen could say a word. “It is getting dark in here” Bai Chen replied and started to held the hand of Jiang Chen tighter and Shi Chen started to move closer to his father from the other side too. “I love you both so very much even… it was hard for me to loose your mother when she gave birth to Jiang Chen” Tears started to fill the three mens eyes as they all knew that this would be the last night they had together. “I… have… a… final request” Bai Chen managed to say as his breath got more and more heavy.

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 1

The sky were full of stars and not a single wind to ruin it. Two horse slowed down in front of a mighty gate to the emperor’s palace. The ridders stood off the horse and quickly some men came and took care of the horse while others opened the door for them. It was Jiang Chen, prince of the emperor and Xiao Chang, his most trusted friend and bodyguard. They walked though the halls and rooms in the palace until they reached a heavily guarded room, the guards quickly noticed who they were and stepped a side before opening the door. The room was dark, only light up by the moon light from outside. The room was empty except for a man and a bed. “Nice to see you, brother Shi Chen” The standing man looked at the men and did not say a word but another dry coughing voice replied “Is… it… you… Jiang Chen?” And quickly Jiang Chen moved to the bed and bent over the man while holding his cold hands. “Yes, father it is me… can I bring you anything?” The eyes of the old man in the bed meet Jiang Chen. “No… As long as you are here, then nothing else matters.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and New Year’s Eve. I had a wonderful time and my wish for this year is that this will be the year I finish writing my novel. What about you?

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For some people, life is like the Galaga game
We are a spaceship in the universe controlled by our mind
We are meeting people and tasks on our way thought life
We earn money by completing the tasks and helping people
Sometimes there is a bigger task in our way but it might give more joy
Sometimes we are hit by a shit storm when we move to new places
Other times we are showered with gold and diamonds 
Life is about meeting new people and make your life worth living even it might look the same

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 15 June 2019



For some people, life is like the Pac-man game
Sometimes someone’s life is not perfect
You walk around in a maze trying to get out
You eat small pills every day to complete your tasks
You have to avoid the ghost that haunts you all the time
Sometimes you get a piece of fruit which helps you feel better 
Of course, sometimes trying a powerful drug helps you confuse and kill your ghosts
But most of the times you need to complete the maze of the day and get ready for new ones
The day after is a different maze as the days is never the same

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 15 June 2019



For some people, life is like the Snake game
The snake moves up and down like our lives 
The snake moves left and right as we sometimes do good and other times do bad things
The pills are the events in life that change us and grows us
The walls are surrounding the space which is our natural barriers 
They can cover a big area and a small area depending on events we cannot control
As the snake grows bigger our life gets longer but look out for the past
The past can kill you if you focus too much on the wrong things 
So be like the snake, find the free space and the events that allow you to grow

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 7 June 2019