No review but updated book

Today I have no review as I do not know what to review but instead I have update my ideas a bit so now you can read idea even longer if you want. I have also gotten an awesome cover for my book from David Aragón which you can already find on the story page…More

Bad sleep + Freind time = No part

I slept bad so did only managed to do the dishes before I walked to my freind as my head needed some air after my mind was crazy doing the night. At my freind I stayed longer than normal because we was watching Big Mouth, a cartoon show about the puberty and all it plessures…More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 3

The pain grew inside her like a lightning but still remained standing and swung the sword against the soldiers who blocked the attack but still had to let go of the horse. The horse neighed and tried to escape the men by jumping over the flames and by pure luck hit a man so he…More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 2

The soldiers could see that the fearless and dangerous woman had turned into a harmless sheep and started to surround them from all sides. 000001 could feel the pain in her body grow inside by the thought of even trying to stand but forced herself up and looked at the men. “Here are your sword”…More

As said no part today

No part today but I just want to say I hope you are all safe from the virus and that I hope everything will be good again soon. Take care everyoneMore

Lots of things little time

I have been walking the entire town to buy presents so no time for writing and tommorow I will do cleaning and make some scout stuff so don’t promise that I will have time for part.More

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 1

Suddenly the edge of a shaft hit 000001 in the nick from another soldier and with a scream she fell to the ground. 000004 wanted to help her so he kicked backwards and managed to hit the leader so he lost his grip on the sword and gave him the chance to help 000001 who…More

Software review of Remembear

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: RemembearDeveloper: TunnelBear LLCVersion: 1.4.16Platforms: EverywherePrice: Free to download and use all you want but if you want it sync it cost $35.99 a year or $5.99 a month The app is a service for you to easy keep control of all your passwords, credit cards and notes. I use it for…More


Today I was sick so no part today.More

Chapter updated again

Chapter 3 is updated again and I am sorry if it is a bit bloody at the moment but it will soon be gone and even the cover seems like it does not fit I will make it fit later on. I have also decided that I will return with parts instead of just update…More

Chapter Part added + Slowly id

I have added another chapter part for chapter 3 so please enjoy. I am also madly in love with slowly so if anyone want to be penpals, feel free to added me here 9XYVJK.More

Dropped phone

I was stupid to drop my phone and it is not feeling so well. It works but it has a big line of green on the right side so will hand it in Monday after work. I know it is a small thing but small things can ruin my mood and focus so won’t post…More

Software review of Slowly

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: SlowlyDeveloper: Slowly Communications Ltd.Version: 6.2.11Platforms: iOS, Android, WebPrice: Free to download and use all you want but if you want to support them it cost $42.99 a year, while you also can buy coins to buy new stamps. The app take a place in my heart and I have only…More

Tried after bad sleep

I am so tried after bad sleep because of my fear of needles as I had to take a blood test today so no part today. I cannot wait to show you review for tomorrow as I have really fallen in love it.More

Chapter 3 updated + news

I have just updated chapter 3 with about 500 words and it feels amazing to be back again. Other news is that I am also soon ready to share a cover for the story itself and cannot wait to show you as the two made so far is so awesome that even with the last…More

Head not 100% but still part

My head is not 100% but have updated chapter 3 with a small part today and I have also figure out what I will review on Thursday as I have fallen over a nice app that I cannot wait to support.More

At mom’s Day 2

Hello Anyone No part today as I am at my moms, ser you tomorrow See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More