Story of Dear…

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This is the second most important page as this is the story home of my story ‘Dear…’ which I decide to write while trying to complete Beyond Love Existence, my main novel.

I will make it able here and because each chapter planned to be around 400 words each, I will just make it as posts like when I make parts for Beyond Love Existence, but here I will which I spell check before publishing and no covers for each chapter.

I” is for idea, which means I have decide what the chapter will be about just need to write it
P” is for progress, which is the next one I am going to write
F” is for finished chapters, which is finished chapters
R” is for ready PDF, which means my chapter is complete and ready for download too

Name / LinkStatusPDF
Day 2FR
Day 3FR
Day 5FR
Day 7FR
Day 11FR
Day 13FR
Day 17FR
Day 19FR
Day 23FR
Day 29FR
Day 31FR
Day 37FR
Day 41FR
Day 43FR
Day 47FR
Day 53FR
Day 59FR
Day 61FR
Day 67FR
Day 71FR
Day 73FR
Day 79FR
Day 83FR
Day 89PN/A
Day 97IN/A
Day 101IN/A
Day 103IN/A
Day 107IN/A
Day 109IN/A
Day 113IN/A
Day 127IN/A
Day 131IN/A
Day 137IN/A
Day 139IN/A
Day 149IN/A
Day 151IN/A
Day 157IN/A
Day 163IN/A
Day 167IN/A
Day 173IN/A
Day 179IN/A
Day 181IN/A
Day 191IN/A
Day 193IN/A
Day 197IN/A
Day 199IN/A
Day 211IN/A
Day 223IN/A
Day 227IN/A
Day 229IN/A
Day 233IN/A
Day 239IN/A
Day 241IN/A
Day 251IN/A
Day 257IN/A
Day 263IN/A
Day 269IN/A
Day 271IN/A
Day 277IN/A
Day 283IN/A
Day 293IN/A
Day 307IN/A
Day 311IN/A
Day 313IN/A
Day 317IN/A
Day 331IN/A
Day 337IN/A
Day 347IN/A
Day 349IN/A
Day 353IN/A
Day 359IN/A