Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 6

The disappearing of the rain made the soldiers yelled loud once more and Ling Chang looked around on the town which was almost like her home before the burning. Jiang Chen removed the last drops of rain from his forehead before gentle called “Jun Chen, are the clouds disappearing too or is it just the…More

Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 5

Ling Chang felt the rush from the men cheering and started yelling with the men as tears of joy appeared in her eyes but did not fall. Jun Chen smiled at Ling Chang and decide to join the yelling too which made the town go even wilder while the enemy soldier just walked around like…More

Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 4

The happiness in the voice was not mistaken and soon the men around them started yelling of joy too and it spread out thought the town like a wind. In the middle of it all stood Jun Chen in silence, not because he was not happy like his father but still his mind wondered what…More

Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 3

Jiang Chen held a shaking hand out and said “Where are you standing son?” And the horrors of what had happened to him appeared on the faces on all the nearby people. “I am here, father” Jun Chen answered calm while he took the shaking hand and place on his head so his blind father…More

Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 2

Suddenly a soldier came running to Jun Chen and broke in conversation “My lord, I have good news” the soldier said quickly and as it was first time for Jun Chen to be called my lord, he did know what to reply at first so Lei broke the silence for the waiting man. “Do not…More

Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 1

Funanai, the town was a mess and even that the rain have been falling heavy since the fighting, it still have not put out all the fires but instead most of the blood had disappeared making it look like the death was sleeping. Jun Chen looked over the market before closing his eyes and whispered…More

Chapter 11 finished, soon book

Today I finished chapter 11 in my book now only 4 more chapters left and I am so happy to be done another chapter. Next chapter is ‘Certain death’ and I cannot wait to give you the first part tomorrow even it is going to be a short one because of my plans for tomorrow…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 10

Laughter came from Gang Chen but Jun Chen did not seem impressed and yelled “If you are so strong and powerful why don’t you show it” Jun Chen without revealing any fear for the second sword that Gang Chen had gotten. “Please take the bait” Jun Chen whispered and as he had only finished the…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 9

In the meantime back at the fight between Jun Chen and Gang Chen, there was still no blood in sight but Gang Chen had noticed the fight between his man and Ling Chang and wondered if he could use it for something. “Your girlfriend is a fighter too” Gang Chen yelled to Jun Chen who…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 8

Ling Chang is too focused on the arrow in Lei leg to watch Jun Chen fight. “Does it hurt Lei?” She says as she starts tugging in the arrow and even without words his face tells everything. “I am sorry, but we have to get it out or you might die by the blood loose”…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 7

Jun Chen looks at Ling Chang before yelling back “Do you accept or not?” And Gang Chen just smiles while answering taunting “I would be honoured fighting the emperor’s only son and the last one in the royal bloodline but be warned I cannot promise you what I will do to your girl if you…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 6

Ling Chang seat near Hui Wen’s death body with closed eyes as she was praying to the gods to make room for him up there and as she finished she started to wondered what would happen next as once more she was alone in the world, except for Jun Chen but that was different and…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 5

Jun Chen looked at Ling Chang and at Hui Wen’s death body. “I promise I will stay calm no matter who or what I am fighting” Jun Chen said and for a second it seemed like that Hui Wen lips moved and smiling but when Jun Chen closed and opened his eyes the smile was…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 4

Ling Chang could feel the rage in her body suddenly disappeared and soon the red glow from her eyes disappeared too. In one movement she was fighting and in the next she had closed her eyes as she started to screaming loud in a mix of pain and horror when suddenly a silence followed. Ling…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 3

He turned around when a cold feeling started to fills body and he fell to the ground while he tried to remove the object which had started the cold and to his fear it was a sword. He cut his fingers on the sword, making him try to look up and tried to scream for…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 2

Hui Wen tried to make an opening so more soldiers could help him and Lei with the division of soldier but every time it seem liked he got it open and their soldiers started to appear they was swiftly force back by a new wave of enemy soldiers and in despair he yelled “Ling Chang…More

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 1

A heavy wind appears and blows away much of the smoke for a while just for the group to see Gang Chen in front of lots of soldiers. A laughter breaks out from Gang Chen. “Do you really think, the four of you can beat my army?” Making Hui Wen step forward from and away…More

Chapter 10 finished

Now I am finally done chapter 10 and cannot wait to get started on chapter 11 and the remaining 5 chapters incl. chapter 11. Have not yet reached 60.000 words yet but it is getting closer and closer as I am at 57686 words now. I have decide to change the title of chapter 11…More

Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 13

“What are you doing, Jun Chen” Ling Chang said almost crying and tried to get the attention of Jun Chen. She could feel the sword playing her skin even that Hui Wen was doing his best to keep it from hurting her. “Leave Ling Chang alone” Hui Wen yelled and without warning was Jun Chen…More

Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 12

Soon a voice appeared the darkness and as the light reappeared Ling Chang was above him. “Thank goodness, you are awake now… we started to worry” Ling Chang said with tears in her eyes. “Keep your voices down” Hui Wen said as Jun Chen woke up even more but even the know face of Ling…More