Book review of After the… (Spoilers)


Paid review: No (Standard) but got the first after showing interest

Name: After the bombs fell, After the train left
Length: 345 pages, 292 pages
Writer: Elyzabeth Johanna
Publisher: Independently published
Series: 2 so far, 3rd on the way
Price: 1usd & 2usd as ebooks, while 13usd in paperback

Story: The story follows Ve, and her life in a future world were Atom bombs has destroyed much of the world and things are ruin by the Nation. As always there is someone who are resident against the rule and the before so peaceful life of Ve grows much more interesting when she are paired with her future husband Hamish with a little help of the resistance and some good friends.

Good: Great characters, love & hate between characters instead of sweet love all the time, surprising twists, present and future, connected, cliffhanger endings in a good way

Bad: Spelling mistake which are fixed much better in number 2, maybe a bit too small world

Stars: After the bombs fell gets 5 stars, and After the train left gets 5.5 stars as I feel the last one has fixed many of the spelling mistakes and other small annoyances that I had with the first one and cannot wait for the last one

Read again: Yes as the story captures my heart and mind as I want to know what happens next all the time even you sometimes can guess what happens

Final words: I cannot get enough of this world which seems simple but underneath is full of charm. Cannot wait for the last one even I am sure it will break my heart when I am done the whole story.

Book review of Gådemagerens Gade (Spoilers)


Paid review: No (Standard) but it is my coworker’s who has written it

Name: Gådemagerens Gade
Length: 389 pages
Writer: Jes Barkler
Publisher: Independently published
Series: None
Price: 48usd in paperback

Story: In the story we meet Emma who lives with her father, buys a old booklet because she was trying to escape some annoying class mates in an antic store. At first she do not think much about it but when she reads in the booklet and figure out the first meaning of some puzzle as she walks thought town. Soon a wild treasure hunt starts and of course she is not alone on the hunt

Good: Great characters, love & hate between characters instead of sweet love all the time, surprising twists, present and past connected

Bad: Nothing that I can think of it except for you guys as it is in Danish

Stars: 6 stars as it is just awesome to read and it feels like something that could have had happened in real life.

Read again: Yes, normally I get bitten by a book but in this story it bites back and do not want to leave your hand before you are done.

Final words: Feels good to read a story in real places instead of just imaginal story even that it is great too

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