Chapter 1 ready once more

I have today managed to read chapter 1 again and even with the spelling mistakes it has a few places I feel it is my story. Later today after scouting, I will I add more to the idea page to get it up to date too, so those of you who wants to know what…More

Chapter 1 checked and ready again

Today I finished Chapter 1 Heir for now as I have done all the things I wanted to do with the chapter. I ended up with 1600 words more which is great as it means I am getting closer to my goal of 84000 words. Speaking of goal it was just in time for football…More

Chapter 1 updated even more

Today I have update chapter 1 some more and is slowly getting thought it and if you want to read it while I update it then check out chapter 1 as I putting it there right awayMore

Chapter 1 updated again

The names are only placeholders now as my friend decide she would help me and I am feeling great for that as I prefer it to be a great story with great things. I have also updated chapter 1 some more once I am done I will spell check it and do the design. I…More

Chapter 1 updated some more

Today I do not have much to say other than another part of chapter 1 have clean up and maybe I will change the names of the characters as I fell stupid to create them so have asked a friend if she wants to help me and do not know her answer yet. Remember tomorrow…More

Chapter 1 first part updated

Not much to say but first part is updated of chapter 1 and it is already on chapter 1 page, will update more tomorrow and when done I will do the design too.More

Sickness + Poems + Chapter 1

What a weekend. I started being sick Thursday last week and still were not 100% Saturday but still wrote some small parts but ended up with 3 poems you can read here about feelings and a whole chapter named Heir as you know you have followed me. Thanks to those who have followed and liked…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 10

“Stop it, they has nothing to do with it, so let them go in peace, this is your final warning.” Xiao Chang yelled and Shi Chen face become even more red and he pushed the sword closer to An Chen’s neck. In a quick movement was Xiao Chang next to An Chen and used his…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 9

Shi Chen looked at him like he had seen death coming and yelled “No, you have come to kill me” and pushed to An Chen to make her move faster to the stables but the muddy ground made it hard for her to move in her clothes. Shi Chen’s face became more and more red…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 8

His eyes watched as the men one by one laid down their swords and soon he was the only one with a sword. “You too” Shi Chen yelled with anger in his voice and Xiao Chang dropped his sword like the others. Shi Chen slowly and calm walked past the men who did nothing else…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 7

“Shi Chen, you are hereby arrested for treason against the former emperor and the new one… I suggest you follow me quietly or you might not see the sun again” the highest guard said before he pulled his sword. Shi Chen could not believe his eyes, he has been the next in line less than…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 6

The swords started clanking against each other like small fire works and even that Xiao Chang was hurt, he did a great job defending himself and Jiang Chen. “Why can we not be friends and I am sure this was why father did not want you to have any power.” Jiang Chen yelled of Shi…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 5

“Our father has been death for less than a minute and now you are already trying to kill me, your own brother, just because father gave me, your position” Jiang Chen replied and looked blaming at his brother who was having fire in his eyes who calm for a second while he answer “I am…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 4

Jiang Chen focused on his father and blocked out every sound and noise coming from Shi Chen. His eyes grew bigger while getting filled with tears both of pride of his father’s decision and his death. Outside the room where Xiao Chang talking with the guards while enjoying the quiet and not being part of…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 3

“I… I… am giving…. The kingdom to you…” “Yes father, we know that the kingdom to me” Shi Chen broke in. Bai Chen closed his eyes for too long after Jiang Chen mind to return so he turned against Shi Chen and yelled “You prevented father from speaking his last words”, Shi Chen was prepared…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 2

A silence followed and the only sound heard was an owl outside in the moonlight hunting. Shi Chen broke the silence “Do you mind sending out Xiao Chang, so we can be alone when father dies?” He asked in simple voice that was not sure if it should sound sad or angry. Xiao Chang bowed…More

Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 1

The sky were full of stars and not a single wind to ruin it. Two horse slowed down in front of a mighty gate to the emperor’s palace. The ridders stood off the horse and quickly some men came and took care of the horse while others opened the door for them. It was Jiang…More