Beyond Love Existence

Chapter 10 finished

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Now I am finally done chapter 10 and cannot wait to get started on chapter 11 and the remaining 5 chapters incl. chapter 11. Have not yet reached 60.000 words yet but it is getting closer and closer as I am at 57686 words now. I have decide to change the title of chapter 11 to ‘Rescue’ instead of ‘Power of love’ as I felt the other was too long, maybe I will change others too. Thanks for following me so far and would not have a done it without the help I have gotten from so many people.

P.s I forgot to change date for expected finished date yesterday so done it now as I finished chapter 10 and it is 12. September.

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Beyond Love Existence

Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 13

“What are you doing, Jun Chen” Ling Chang said almost crying and tried to get the attention of Jun Chen. She could feel the sword playing her skin even that Hui Wen was doing his best to keep it from hurting her. “Leave Ling Chang alone” Hui Wen yelled and without warning was Jun Chen attacking but even that Hui Wen had been seemly defenceless he still managed to block the attack and force Jun Chen away from Ling Chang who quickly stood up. Her eyes was red from the tears that had started to run faster and faster and suddenly Jun Chen came back to himself. “Sorry, sorry, sorry” He said as the sword fell to the ground and Hui Wen Lowed the sword before asking “What happened to you” and Jun Chen looked at them for a moment in silence before he answered. “I just dreamt of my father and he was not my father… He killed us both and guess my feelings for me made me hurt you… Sorry, sorry, sorry” Hui Wen looked at him and returned his sword to the sheath before returning to the sight post to make sure that they were still safe. Ling Chang bowed down and picked up Jun Chen’s sword before handing him it gentle while the tears slowly became fewer. They hugged each other for a while before another female voice broke in “So this is your sister?” And Jun Chen who just thought they had been alone the three of them pulled his sword once more and pointed it against the woman before he lowered it once more when he noticed that it was the lady Mei Chen from the time of searching after Ling Chang. “Mei… Mei Chen?” He managed to say while he tried to make his sword enter the sheath. Mei Chen just nodded and Ling Chang could feel the tension between them so she quickly broke in before they had any chance to continued their talk. “I found her inside the palace, if you remember sending me inside that” Jun Chen said but Jun Chen was too focused on Mei Chen to answered her so Ling Chang continued a bit higher “We searched the palace and ended up figure out that your father has already been taking to the execution grounds” and the rough speaking made a drop of blood fall form her check. Jun Chen finally noticed her speaking and answered “Sorry, I am still confused from the dream” while trying to sound like it was not Mei Chen who had taken his focus. But Ling Chang being a girl knew it was a small lie so she turned around a bit annoyed before continuing “I presume that you have meet before so I do not have to introduce you to each other” she replied angry, making Jun Chen quickly understand what he had done wrong so he hold around her and an answered quickly and honest “Sorry, I won’t keep it a secret anymore, but I meet her when Hui Wen and I was searching for you when you was gone” Ling Chang could not decide if she wanted to be angry or not so she turned around and before she knew it was Jun Chen playing her cheek and at first she was thinking about kissing him but the words form his mouth made her understand what was happening. “Sorry for hurting you” Jun Chen said as he cleaned the blood of her cheek and Ling Chang could feel the pain form the wound as she noticed the blood but being in sight of another made her stop herself from screaming. “Don’t it hurt” Jun Chen asked and Ling Chang just shocked her head trying to hide the pain. Hui Wen who had been focusing on keeping their place a secret suddenly asked “Are you ready to go?” Making Jun Chen stop cleaning Ling Chang and return to focus. “Yes” he replied but before he could pull his sword was Mei Chen breaking the focus “I know I am a woman but are you sure you know what you are doing” she said gentle, making both Jun Chen and Hui Wen listen. “What do you mean” Hui Wen asked gentle from his spot without looking against her. “Gang Chen has been burning the town down like a spoiled child and I am sure that the execution grounds won’t just be him and a few soldiers but his entire army, maybe more if he has gotten any backup” Mei Chen continued and the words had even made Hui Wen turn away from his spot against her before replying “first step of preventing a trap is knowing it is there and release it” Hui Wen said and looked a bit cold at Mei Chen before warming up a bit and replying “What do you know that we don’t” Mei Chen smiled before kneeling on the ground and started to draw the market place on the ground. “This is the market place” She started before drawing soldiers and the execution grounds. “This is where their will be guards and here we will find Jiang Chen if he still are alive by the time we are ready to strike” Mei Chen continued before Ling Chang broke in as she was a bit jealous “How do you know those things?” Ling Chang asked and Mei Chen turned against her and smiled once more “You was the one who saved me from the men inside the palace, but do you really think that they was only going to play with me?” Mei Chen asked before answering the question herself without giving Ling Chang a chance to answer “No, I am a spy… trying to save the emperor just as you are” making the other looks at her with big eyes but no one said anything, making her continued the drawing. “This is were Gang Chen and his most trusted men will be… we have to kill him and his leaders to destroy the army he has or we don’t have a chance to save Jiang Chen… I suggest that we comes from the southern entrance to the market and this way take them by surprise” Hui Wen nods and points out the fewer gaurds on Mei Chen drawing. “Yes, that will be a great idea… we will have a big change to do great damage while saving Jiang Chen” He said just as a male scream is heard from outside the house. In the next the door hit ground with a loud slam and in comes 6 soldiers “In the name of new emperor, hereby under arrest” a soldier yells but instead of just giving up Jun Chen and Hui Wen pulls their swords and stands in front of the women while ruining the drawing. “No” Hui Wen yells back to the soldier who laughing pulls his sword and replies “Good thing, the emperor does not care if you are brought to him death or alive” the remain soldiers pulls their swords too and soon the fight is starting. Ling Chang pulls her sword and points at Mei Chen “I knew you was a traitor” who quickly replies “I am not… Look out” and in the next a soldier attack Ling Chang but Ling Chang is already raging and kills the solider before he can strike. “Thanks” Ling Chang manages to say to Mei Chen who watch her with great terror before Ling Chang attacks another soldier like she was a soldier herself. The small room makes it impossible for anyone to escape and Ling Chang kills the next one by making fly into the fire and soon the fight is much more even. Jun Chen kills a soldier himself while Hui Wen deals with the rest before yelling “We need to attack to save the emperor now or he will be death before we get a second chance” Ling Chang returns to normal and the four of them starts walking against the markets place. Mei Chen is both amazed and scared of what just happened to Ling Chang so she quietly ask her “What happened back there?” And at first Ling Chang is confused before she gets the question and replies “Oh… my father wanted a boy so he trained me but some times a rage take over and make me able to defend myself even against the most terrifying enemies” Mei Chen makes big eyes but keeps her calm. “Great, guess I am the only defenceless one here” she replied which make Ling Chang laugh as they continue walking against the markets place. As they reach the market they spilt up to kill the three guards form Mei Chen’s map but there is no one there and the smoke from the burning houses makes it almost impossible to see the execution grounds. They are back together and Ling Chang is the first to speak again “The guard was not there” and before Jun Chen and Hui Wen can answer her a loud yelling voice breaks in. “Welcome friends, welcome to your death” and they makes a small circle around Mei Chen while trying to figure out where the voice came from.

Beyond Love Existence

Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 12

Soon a voice appeared the darkness and as the light reappeared Ling Chang was above him. “Thank goodness, you are awake now… we started to worry” Ling Chang said with tears in her eyes. “Keep your voices down” Hui Wen said as Jun Chen woke up even more but even the know face of Ling Chang could not keep him silence and he yelled loudly “Get away from me you demon” and before anyone could move or say anything he flew up and pulled his sword fast. As he landed on the ground again Ling Chang was having his sword as her face and a foot on her chest. Jun Chen was the first to react and he quick placed his sword between Ling Chang and Jun Chen’s sword even he knew it was making him vulnerable instead. “Let go off the sword and relax Jun Chen” Hui Wen yelled without caring about their cover. “Stay away, olding and leave this demon to me” Jun Chen yelled back while Ling Chang started crying as she had finally awoken from the quick attack that had happen.

Beyond Love Existence

Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 11

He noticed a tree not far from him and quickly he got an idea so he jumped back against the tree while the man keep attacking him. He felt the tree behind him and now he just had to wait for another attack. Jun Chen watched as the sword came closer and just in the last second he jumped away and was about to yell loudly of joy but instead of stopping the sword, the tree just vanished and the sword continued to fly through the air like it had never been there in the first place. “Did you really think it was that easy” The man yelled before attacking again like before. Jun Chen was speechless and started blocking the attacks once more. A new tree appeared behind him and he though for a moment before deciding to take the chance once more as it was better than to defend again and again if it was going to work this time. Jun Chen jumped back and the sword flew thought the air but just as the sword was closed to hit, the treen became a woman and even that Jun Chen did his best the sword hit the woman and she screamed loudly of pain while the man stopped swinging his sword for a while. Jun Chen ran to the woman and held around her as he tried to figure out what to don about her wounds and pain. “I am sorry” Jun Chen said as tears started to run down his checks even he had not the single idea who she was. He watched as the woman closed her eyes, making him do the same. The man started to raise his sword behind them but Jun Chen felt it and as he opened his eyes once more he yelled against the man “Why did you make me do this” and the man stopped the sword to answer. “I am trying to help you, my boy” the man replied calmly before the woman opened her eyes too and took Jun Chen’s sword from the and penetrated him and the man, making it impossible for Jun Chen to scream of pain as his mouth quickly filled with blood. His body feel to the ground and the world turned red before being completely dark as he closed his eyes a last time.

Beyond Love Existence

Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 10

“I knew you were evil” Jun Chen yells at the man who without answering just launched another attack. “I thought we was family, I thought you wanted to help me but you are evil” Jun Chen yelled while blocking another attack. The man looked him deep into the eyes and replied hash “I am not good nor evil, I am here to prepare you for your last fight” Jun Chen tried to close his eyes to keep the eyes away but even in the darkness of they still appeared like nothing were blocking them. Fear started to grow inside Jun Chen and even he had been able to block every attack so far, he was having no energy to attack back. “You are a weakling Jun Chen” the man yelled and attacked again expecting it to break the spirit of Jun Chen but instead it ignited something inside Jun Chen and the attacked back. “I do not care who you are or what you think I am” Jun Chen yelled and attacked quickly while a smile started to appear on the man who just blocked the attack like it was nothing. “Are you sure about that?” The man yelled back and let the sword flew thought the air faster and more powerful that before. Jun Chen blocked the attack but it had such power it made him seem like he was kneeling for the enemy. “Yes, you are not getting me” Jun Chen yelled back and stood up right away to lunch his own attack and this time the man smiled got even bigger. “Stop smiling” Jun Chen yelled and started to lunch multiply attacks at the man who for the moment was only blocking the attacks. Just as the last strike hit the man’s sword, Jun Chen flew the power of the man and he managed to jump back before the sword cut through the air with such power that it made a small breeze. Jun Chen scream loud and attack, making the man jump back over the fireplace and Jun Chen felt he had the upper hand. The man closed his eyes again while unified his hand around his blade and Jun Chen yelled “Are you praying to your god or are you fighting me” and the man opened his eyes and they had turned red as blood even that neither of them had been able to hit the other yet. “I cannot pray to myself, my boy” and as the last word left his mouth Jun Chen noticed that blood had appeared on the blade too and in the next there was suddenly two swords. The man attacked and Jun Chen was soon in defence mode once more and he knew he had to find a way thought the rapid attacks or it would be the end and the time that had passed he started to make him more and more confused about if it was a real fight or if he was just dreaming like he and Ling Chang had been under the waterfall. The swords was singing around like birds in love and Jun Chen tried to look around for a chance to get free of the attacks and lunch his own.