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Today I finished chapter 11 in my book now only 4 more chapters left and I am so happy to be done another chapter. Next chapter is ‘Certain death’ and I cannot wait to give you the first part tomorrow even it is going to be a short one because of my plans for tomorrow which includes hair cut, dentist and freind time.

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Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 10

Laughter came from Gang Chen but Jun Chen did not seem impressed and yelled “If you are so strong and powerful why don’t you show it” Jun Chen without revealing any fear for the second sword that Gang Chen had gotten. “Please take the bait” Jun Chen whispered and as he had only finished the line before Gang Chen had taken the bait and attack Jun Chen just as planed and in the next he kicked Gang Chen who only just managed to throw the second sword away before it would have cut himself doing landing and instead the sword landed near Lei, who took it and yelled “Maybe we can fight more fair now” before he started cheering even more his friends as he turned around and watched Ling Chang’s fight. Ling Chang and the man had started dancing around each other just as Jun Chen and Gang Chen in the main fight and soon the men cheering had formed another circle, making it look like an eight instead.

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Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 9

In the meantime back at the fight between Jun Chen and Gang Chen, there was still no blood in sight but Gang Chen had noticed the fight between his man and Ling Chang and wondered if he could use it for something. “Your girlfriend is a fighter too” Gang Chen yelled to Jun Chen who turned his sight away from the fight just as gang Chen expected. “Yeah she is good” Jun Chen replied while watching her movements against the man without thinking that he was still in a fight. He felt a pain starting in his left shoulder and the pain reawaken him to his own fight. “You are a cheater” Jun Chen yelled as he forced Gang Chen’s sword away who was laughing too much to keep pushing. “I did not do anything, it was all your own fault” Gang Chen finally said as they were watching each other again. Jun Chen was tried off his laughter so he attacked without thinking much of his new injury and the attack had such power that Gang Chen had to stop laughing and block the attack but still his own sword made him get a small cut on his right arm. “Well, well, well. Now we are both are bleeding” Gang Chen said and pushed Jun Chen with his free hand before attacking on his own but Jun Chen was more ready this time and they started to take turns in attacking and defending without any more blood. Suddenly Gang Chen yelled “Sword” and a sword flew thought the air and Jun Chen managed just to step away from it but instead Gang Chen just caught it and was now having two swords making it harder for Jun Chen to defend himself but he was far from done anyway.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 8

Ling Chang is too focused on the arrow in Lei leg to watch Jun Chen fight. “Does it hurt Lei?” She says as she starts tugging in the arrow and even without words his face tells everything. “I am sorry, but we have to get it out or you might die by the blood loose” Lei closes his eyes and replied dry “Yes I know” He opens his eyes again and points as a wooden stick not far from them. “Give me that and be ready with some bandages” Lei says like it was the most simple thing in the world. Ling Chang thinks for a moment as even she was the one with the idea about taking the arrow out, she is now have second thoughts. “Ling Chang, please, you have to… I know you are having second thoughts about me now but please I do not want to meet my wife just yet” Lei says and Ling Chang looks at him and nods. She jumps up and runs to the wooden stick just as Jun Chen attacks Gang Chen, who is too quick on the now wet wooden floor, but luckily Gang Chen does not manage to prepare his own attack before Jun Chen is ready again. Ling Chang reaches the wooden stick but as she is about to walk back against Lei, a man is blocking her way by pointing a sword directly at her. “Do you remember me?” The man says cold but the dark sky makes it impossible for Ling Chang to see the man’s face, making her just reply even colder “No, and let me pass” The man starts laughing “I am sorry but I know you” and a lightning light revealed who he was. Ling Chang pretended she did not remember him and tried to force her way to Lei who was still laying on the ground waiting for the wood so they could start getting the arrow out but the sword came closer to skin. The man continued “My name does not matter but I was the one who lost the brother to your old fool and since he is laying death down there I want to fight you” the man said and Ling Chang knew that she was not getting past the man no matter what she did except for fighting him so she threw the wood to Lei and turned her focus 100% at the man and replied “Are you man enough to fight a girl or do you just kill me like a boy” The man face turned angry but he quickly calm before he pulled forward another sword and handed it over to Ling Chang who had not chance to refuse. Ling Chang grabbed it quickly and just in time, she took two steps back as in the next the man attacked with the other sword. “You are no man” Ling Chang yelled but the man just laughed and lunch another attack. This time Ling Chang blocked the attack and the sound of more swords sing, made a few men turn around and started cheering around them too.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 7

Jun Chen looks at Ling Chang before yelling back “Do you accept or not?” And Gang Chen just smiles while answering taunting “I would be honoured fighting the emperor’s only son and the last one in the royal bloodline but be warned I cannot promise you what I will do to your girl if you lose” Jun Chen raises his sword and then enemy soldiers forms a road all the way to Gang Chen and the throne. Ling Chang helps up Lei and starts walking behind Jun Chen together with the remaining soldiers. They reach the throne which is moved and soon a circle appears for the two men to fight in. “Are you sure this is a good idea” Ling Chang ask Jun Chen who does not answer and without even looking at her he just yells to Gang Chen “I am ready when you are” Gang Chen swings his sword to clean it from the blood of the two men he already has killed and slowly the two men starts dancing around on the wooden floor. Suddenly a lightning crosses the sky and rain drops starts falling heavy, Ling Chang looks up and the sun which had been on the sky doing the entire battle was now gone behind big dark clouds, making it almost feel like night time. The two men keeps walking around and focusing on each like nothing else matters and as the thunder from the lightning above them starts rumbles the first attacks are happening but neither of the men unable to break thought so instead the men around the starts cheering.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 6

Ling Chang seat near Hui Wen’s death body with closed eyes as she was praying to the gods to make room for him up there and as she finished she started to wondered what would happen next as once more she was alone in the world, except for Jun Chen but that was different and not family. She knew that they had a fight to win first but still she was dreaming about days with peace between people. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder as she is about to look up find out the owner she is pulled away from Hui Wen’s body. She starts twisting and turning to get free from the hand as it is not letting go. She opens her eyes and gets ready to scream but her voice dies when two arrows hits Hui Wen’s body, near the place she was just seating and her eyes follows the hand up and sees Jun Chen trying to protect her from the arrows. “Get up” Jun Chen yells and helps her up standing as more arrows starts flying thought the air. Ling Chang and Jun Chen looked at each other as they knew they had to do something or the lives of Hui Wen and Jiang Chen has been wasted for nothing. Suddenly an arrow hits Lei and the scream of pain, makes Jun Chen decide to do the unthinkable. “Are you alright Lei?” Jun Chen asks and even in pain Lei manages to nod as the arrow has only hit is left leg. Jun Chen looks at Ling Chang and without any words she knows what he has planned and starts yelling of him “No, No, Not you too, please stop, Don’t do it” but he turns around, lets go of her hand and starts walking away from her while Lei manage to keep her from follow him. “Please stop, I love you” Ling Chang yells loudly and for a moment Jun Chen stops and look back at her just to reply “Yes, I love you too but I have to do this or we will never have a chance together.” And then he turns back around as Ling Chang eyes gets full of tears because she fears the worst. “Stop your men and fight me Gang Chen” Jun Chen yells loudly against Gang Chen who quickly makes his men stop firing. “Did someone hear a bird sing?” Gang Chen yells back while some men around him prepares new arrows and others starts laughing. Jun Chen looks directly at him and yells again “I said stop your men and fight me Gang Chen or are you the bird?” Louder than before and a soldier continues laughing which makes Gang Chen return his rage and stands up from the throne instantly. “Do not push me or you will end up like this” and pulls forward his sword and penetrates the laughing soldiers, making the entire town silence except for the soldier drowning in his own blood. Jun Chen does not say anything and in the next Gang Chen starts cutting upwards, almost splitting the soldier into two instead of just pulling it out like a sane person. Ling Chang looks away as she fears something more bloody will happen and rightfully so is Gang Chen almost not done, with the first soldier before he penetrates the next one with his sword while he yells loudly “You got to teach them a lesson or you will never be the leader of anything” Jun Chen looks around on the men around and many of them are having fear in their eyes but before he can yell anything back Gang Chen spilts the man thought the guts so intestine and blood covers the ground. “This is your end, Jun Chen and after I am done with you, you sweet little girlfriend will be all alone in the world and I am sorry to be the one letting you know but the world is not as safe as your father told you as a child”

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 5

Jun Chen looked at Ling Chang and at Hui Wen’s death body. “I promise I will stay calm no matter who or what I am fighting” Jun Chen said and for a second it seemed like that Hui Wen lips moved and smiling but when Jun Chen closed and opened his eyes the smile was gone and he knew that he was gone. Ling Chang could not hold the tears back any longer and even that she could feel the rage inside her like the other times that she needed it, she kept it inside and prevented her eyes from becoming red as blood but the powers inside her was stronger than before so she suddenly started shaking: Jun Chen noticed it quickly and knew he had to do something to calm her down but as he held out a hand, Ling Chang pulled her sword and instead of taking the hand she attacked and only a quick move from Jun Chen prevented him from losing it. “Ohh, the young lady is on fire” Gang Chen yelled from his throne and kicked the death body of Jiang Chen to make her even more raged, making Jun Chen trying to think fast. Gang Chen could see the kicking made Ling Chang loose more and more of her focus not being angry so he started kicking Jiang Chen even more while yelling to Jun Chen to keep him from thinking. “I would not stand near her, she seems like a volcano ready to explode at anytime now” he yelled loudly and mocking. Ling Chang attacked Jun Chen who only managed to block the attack by pure luck and the soldiers forming the circle around them started to worry for their lives even that they was still busy fighting against Gang Chen’s men. “Your girlfriend is not the sweet girl you expected” Gang Chen yelled expecting Jun Chen to loose his ideas even more but instead a smile appeared on Jun Chen face and yelled back to Gang Chen “Thanks” and while Gang Chen’s turned from the happy face to the confused face, Jun Chen blocked another attack from Ling Chang and with out a word to her, he kissed her on the lips. At first Ling Chang tried to escape the kiss but just as she was able to guide the sword against Jun Chen, she relaxed and returned his kissing. “Noooooooo, you was supposed to kill each other, not become lovers” Gang Chen finally yelled as Jun Chen and Ling Chang stopped kissing. “Kill them, kill them all now” Gang Chen yelled and pointed at some bowmen, who started aiming at first before they stopped and asked “What about our own men?” And now it was Gang Chen’s face and body which was full of rage and he yelled as high he could “Do I look like one who cares, kill them all now” and arrows starts flying thought the air, hitting both good and bad people.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 4

Ling Chang could feel the rage in her body suddenly disappeared and soon the red glow from her eyes disappeared too. In one movement she was fighting and in the next she had closed her eyes as she started to screaming loud in a mix of pain and horror when suddenly a silence followed. Ling Chang opened her eyes to figure out why the silence and noticed that no one was moving like they all had turned to ice. She walked around between the men slowly and watched one bloody fight after another before she quickly moved and reached the fight Ling Chang was fighting. “Please wake up” she almost silence said as she worried that the voice would destroy him but nothing happened to him or any of the soldiers. She looked around and even Gang Chen on the farthest away she could see were frozen except for her and the mix of being alone and the horrors of what she had done, made tears starting to run down her checks. She was all out in tears, not paying attention to her surroundings at all when suddenly a cold hand touched her and she almost flew up with the sword pulled and ready to fight but quickly removed it when she noticed it was Jun Chen who had returned to life. “What happened?” Jun Chen asked as they hugged and warmed each other up. Ling Chang looked at him but had troubles finding the words but managed to say a single word “Sorry”, making Jun Chen quickly hold her closer and reply “It is not your fault” and just as the words had left his mouth another know voice replied “You are right, I am the one, making this” a floating Hui Wen said which at first made Ling Chang want to scream but his calm voice made her keep quiet. “I just want to say that I am so proud of you two” Hui Wen continued and Jun Chen wanted to say something but Hui Wen stopped him “No talking, just yet. I am also happy that you have found each other both in training and in love and yes, I knew all the time so next time, don’t try to hide it” Hui Wen body became more and more transparent for each word leaving his mouth. “You have my blessing and now go with peace” Hui Wen said and as the last word left his mouth he was gone and before Ling Chang and Jun Chen could do nothing, they were suddenly back at their places fighting like nothing had happened. Ling Chang Looked around to find Hui Wen and found him laying in the mud, bleeding from his back surrounded by four enemy soldiers and she knew what she had to do. She started to fight her way against the body and just as she reach the body, Jun Chen was there too. They killed the soldiers around his body like they was wheat on a field and they started to stop the bleedings as Lei appeared with some men and started yelling out commands. “Men, form a circle around us and keep the line to split up the enemy” He yelled and the nearby men quickly started to doing what they were told. Lei turned against Jun Chen and Ling Chang as he wanted to say something but Gang Chen broke in “One old foul death and buried, and four left, this is becoming the best day in my life” he said mocking and laughing making Jun Chen prompted yelled back “He is not death yet” which just made Gang Chen laugh even louder and more mocking. “Who said that I was talking about Hui Wen?” He said as he held a small break from laughing and pointed at Jiang Chen who appeared normal at first before blood appeared on his throat and when he tried to screaming his mouth filled with blood as he fell to the ground as a doll. Jun Chen could feel the sadness grow inside him but instead of giving Gang Chen the pleasure, he just yelled back “You will pay for every death, you will cost today” and Jun Chen was about to run off from Hui Wen and Ling Chang when a hand stopped him. “Let go of me, Ling Chang” Jun Chen almost yelled without turning around but the hand did not let go and Jun Chen turned around to force the hand to let go when he noticed that it was Hui Wen. “I am sorry my boy, but cannot let you go before you promise me you won’t let the rage inside you, control you” Jun Chen wanted to yell but a calmness filled his body faster and without any words Hui Wen released and Jun Chen was free once more. Ling Chang smiled to see that Hui Wen was alive but the happiness was short as in the next he closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 3

He turned around when a cold feeling started to fills body and he fell to the ground while he tried to remove the object which had started the cold and to his fear it was a sword. He cut his fingers on the sword, making him try to look up and tried to scream for help but his mouth ran fast full of blood as the sword keep going through his body and soon he felt the handle reaching his back and forced him to the ground. He gave up on getting a sight of the sun a last time and feel to the ground exhausted when a pair of feet suddenly appeared in front of him and with the last energy he managed to get his head up before the energy was out once more but instead of falling back to the ground instantly a pair of hands grab his head and a known taunt voice said “Now I only need to kill two more, old fool” Hui Wen looked at the person and even with blurred sight he knew who his killer was but his mouth was too full of blood and instead of yelling for help he spit the blood right in the face and said ice cold “You will never win” and just as the words had left his mouth the hands disappeared and he hit the ground hard before the sword from his back was gone too and the pain disappeared before he closed a last time. The killer clean the sword and face before lowly said “They would not know what hit them” and just as fast the attack had happen, the killer had left the screen.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 2

Hui Wen tried to make an opening so more soldiers could help him and Lei with the division of soldier but every time it seem liked he got it open and their soldiers started to appear they was swiftly force back by a new wave of enemy soldiers and in despair he yelled “Ling Chang were are you” and tried to look after her but she was no were in sight. Sudddenly an opening appeared in from him and he prepared himself for fight but instead of an great enemy, Ling Chang was suddenly in front of him and he could see her eyes was as red as the morning sun. The sight made him almost shallow his tongue as fear grew inside him if she had gotten so much taste for blood now that she had turned evil. Her eyes looked at him like she was aiming for any weak spots in his armour and without a warning, she suddenly started running against him, making him not being able to think twice so he tried to point at her with his sword but it was already too late as in the next she was past him and a scream was heard. He turned slowly around and a now death soldier was covering the ground with his blood. “Sorry, master” Ling Chang said calmly like the killing of the now death man had been a fly and before Hui Wen could say thanks, she ran on and the blood on the sword was had not disappeared in the wind before another kill had happened. Hui Wen shocked his head, what I am going to do with her before he noticed that the opening was filled by the resistance now and he could continued his plan.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 1

A heavy wind appears and blows away much of the smoke for a while just for the group to see Gang Chen in front of lots of soldiers. A laughter breaks out from Gang Chen. “Do you really think, the four of you can beat my army?” Making Hui Wen step forward from and away from the others. Ling Chang tries to stop him but he gets free from her grasp and yelled back with not single fear in his voice. “First step of preventing a trap is knowing it is there and release it” before pulling his sword and swings it around. Gang Chen laughter continues loudly but is interrupted by a scream of pain from a nearby soldier. “What happens back there?” Gang Chen yells after his laughter has stopped and another soldier is hit by another arrow before someone can answer. “What kind of tricks are this, Hui Wen” Gang Chen yells and now Hui Wen is the one laughing. “Did you really think I would walk into your trap and risk the life of crown prince without backup?” Ling Chang notices a shadow in the smoke behind them and smiles as the shadow turns into a familiar face. “Lei? Is that you?” Ling Chang ask while raising her sword to be sure it is not an ambush and the man just nods while he puts a finger up to his mouth and soon more men appears in the shadows. Gang Chen does not need much time to think and yells “Attack and kill them all but keep Jiang Chen alive. I want him to hear the death screams of his son” and Hui Wen turns around against his own army and yells “Ready?” And a loud scream returns to him and as he looks forward once more the first enemy soldiers appears and the sword starts swing against the nearest man. Ling Chang turns around against the soldiers too before taking a quick look at Jun Chen whose eyes tells her more than words could do and she turns again Mei Chen but she is gone from the circle and Ling Chang fears her feelings about her being a traitor is true but before she is able to get it confirmed she watched Mei Chen near Hui Wen already killing her first enemy. Ling Chang can feel the mix of rage and jealousy grows inside her and things turns red in front of her, making it easier for her to see though the smoke. Ling Chang attacks and kills the first two men while more and more soldiers appears behind her and she is no longer alone on the battlefield while the death screams are filling the air. Gang Chen laughter is heard from his throne as the ground becomes more and more red from the blood of the death men. Ling Chang fights the best she has learn and the red sight makes her rage grow even wilder than before and soon she have already killed 10 enemies.In the meantime is Jun Chen trying to reach his father on the execution platform but the men, he is fighting is dying just as fast so he is quickly surrounded. “Got you now” a soldiers says laughing as men forms a ring around him and blocks every way of escape but Jun Chen is cold as ice and instead of yelling for help he just starts laughing instead and before the soldier can ask why he is killed by Ling Chang who has watched the mess. “Kill, kill them all” Ling Chang yells in a blood rage while Jun Chen use the change to get on the platform, but as kills the executioner and unties the man about to get executed, the man just picks up the axe from the chopping block nearby. “I am here to save you father” Jun Chen tries to say as the man launches the first attack with the big as and the man just starts laughter which is mixed with the laughter from Gang Chen who can see the action from his throne. “Did you really think it would be that easy?” Gang Chen yells as two soldiers behind him brings forward a man who can only be Jiang Chen. Jun Chen wants to yell something back but the man attacks again and the axe lands right next to Jun Chen feet that he jumps to be sure that he is not hit. “Leave my father alone” Jun Chen yells as he lands safely on the ground again which makes Gang Chen laugh even more and reply “I would not worry about your old man, I will not kill him before you have been killed as like I said I want him to hear every death scream from you and your friends.” Jun Chen blocks an attack from the man with the axe and attacks back but even that the man is small and the axe is back, he is still fast enough to move out of the attack. The man attacks once more and this time he manage to cut some of Jun Chen’s clothes, making Jun Chen yell of annoyance and strike back instantly and this time the man is not fast enough to move and the sword penetrated the man’s chest like butter and he fell to the ground with the axe still in hand. Jun Chen expected fear to appear in Gang Chen’s voice but instead a calm voice continued yelling “Wow, you killed another of my men… I still have another million soldiers waiting for you so do you really think you have what it takes” The calmness bothered Jun Chen but new enemies did not give him much time to think or reply Gang Chen with other than the sounds of sword hitting each other with power. In the meantime had Jun Chen and Lei together with other from the resistance reached the centre of the market and they were now trying to break the enemy into two groups, so they could break the moral of the men in the small group so they had fewer men to focus on, but the amount of enemy soldiers made it a almost impossible task.

Chapter 10 finished

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Now I am finally done chapter 10 and cannot wait to get started on chapter 11 and the remaining 5 chapters incl. chapter 11. Have not yet reached 60.000 words yet but it is getting closer and closer as I am at 57686 words now. I have decide to change the title of chapter 11 to ‘Rescue’ instead of ‘Power of love’ as I felt the other was too long, maybe I will change others too. Thanks for following me so far and would not have a done it without the help I have gotten from so many people.

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