Chapter 11 finished, soon book

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Today I finished chapter 11 in my book now only 4 more chapters left and I am so happy to be done another chapter. Next chapter is ‘Certain death’ and I cannot wait to give you the first part tomorrow even it is going to be a short one because of my plans for tomorrow which includes hair cut, dentist and freind time.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 10

Laughter came from Gang Chen but Jun Chen did not seem impressed and yelled “If you are so strong and powerful why don’t you show it” Jun Chen without revealing any fear for the second sword that Gang Chen had gotten. “Please take the bait” Jun Chen whispered and as he had only finished the line before Gang Chen had taken the bait and attack Jun Chen just as planed and in the next he kicked Gang Chen who only just managed to throw the second sword away before it would have cut himself doing landing and instead the sword landed near Lei, who took it and yelled “Maybe we can fight more fair now” before he started cheering even more his friends as he turned around and watched Ling Chang’s fight. Ling Chang and the man had started dancing around each other just as Jun Chen and Gang Chen in the main fight and soon the men cheering had formed another circle, making it look like an eight instead.

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Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 9

In the meantime back at the fight between Jun Chen and Gang Chen, there was still no blood in sight but Gang Chen had noticed the fight between his man and Ling Chang and wondered if he could use it for something. “Your girlfriend is a fighter too” Gang Chen yelled to Jun Chen who turned his sight away from the fight just as gang Chen expected. “Yeah she is good” Jun Chen replied while watching her movements against the man without thinking that he was still in a fight. He felt a pain starting in his left shoulder and the pain reawaken him to his own fight. “You are a cheater” Jun Chen yelled as he forced Gang Chen’s sword away who was laughing too much to keep pushing. “I did not do anything, it was all your own fault” Gang Chen finally said as they were watching each other again. Jun Chen was tried off his laughter so he attacked without thinking much of his new injury and the attack had such power that Gang Chen had to stop laughing and block the attack but still his own sword made him get a small cut on his right arm. “Well, well, well. Now we are both are bleeding” Gang Chen said and pushed Jun Chen with his free hand before attacking on his own but Jun Chen was more ready this time and they started to take turns in attacking and defending without any more blood. Suddenly Gang Chen yelled “Sword” and a sword flew thought the air and Jun Chen managed just to step away from it but instead Gang Chen just caught it and was now having two swords making it harder for Jun Chen to defend himself but he was far from done anyway.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 8

Ling Chang is too focused on the arrow in Lei leg to watch Jun Chen fight. “Does it hurt Lei?” She says as she starts tugging in the arrow and even without words his face tells everything. “I am sorry, but we have to get it out or you might die by the blood loose” Lei closes his eyes and replied dry “Yes I know” He opens his eyes again and points as a wooden stick not far from them. “Give me that and be ready with some bandages” Lei says like it was the most simple thing in the world. Ling Chang thinks for a moment as even she was the one with the idea about taking the arrow out, she is now have second thoughts. “Ling Chang, please, you have to… I know you are having second thoughts about me now but please I do not want to meet my wife just yet” Lei says and Ling Chang looks at him and nods. She jumps up and runs to the wooden stick just as Jun Chen attacks Gang Chen, who is too quick on the now wet wooden floor, but luckily Gang Chen does not manage to prepare his own attack before Jun Chen is ready again. Ling Chang reaches the wooden stick but as she is about to walk back against Lei, a man is blocking her way by pointing a sword directly at her. “Do you remember me?” The man says cold but the dark sky makes it impossible for Ling Chang to see the man’s face, making her just reply even colder “No, and let me pass” The man starts laughing “I am sorry but I know you” and a lightning light revealed who he was. Ling Chang pretended she did not remember him and tried to force her way to Lei who was still laying on the ground waiting for the wood so they could start getting the arrow out but the sword came closer to skin. The man continued “My name does not matter but I was the one who lost the brother to your old fool and since he is laying death down there I want to fight you” the man said and Ling Chang knew that she was not getting past the man no matter what she did except for fighting him so she threw the wood to Lei and turned her focus 100% at the man and replied “Are you man enough to fight a girl or do you just kill me like a boy” The man face turned angry but he quickly calm before he pulled forward another sword and handed it over to Ling Chang who had not chance to refuse. Ling Chang grabbed it quickly and just in time, she took two steps back as in the next the man attacked with the other sword. “You are no man” Ling Chang yelled but the man just laughed and lunch another attack. This time Ling Chang blocked the attack and the sound of more swords sing, made a few men turn around and started cheering around them too.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 7

Jun Chen looks at Ling Chang before yelling back “Do you accept or not?” And Gang Chen just smiles while answering taunting “I would be honoured fighting the emperor’s only son and the last one in the royal bloodline but be warned I cannot promise you what I will do to your girl if you lose” Jun Chen raises his sword and then enemy soldiers forms a road all the way to Gang Chen and the throne. Ling Chang helps up Lei and starts walking behind Jun Chen together with the remaining soldiers. They reach the throne which is moved and soon a circle appears for the two men to fight in. “Are you sure this is a good idea” Ling Chang ask Jun Chen who does not answer and without even looking at her he just yells to Gang Chen “I am ready when you are” Gang Chen swings his sword to clean it from the blood of the two men he already has killed and slowly the two men starts dancing around on the wooden floor. Suddenly a lightning crosses the sky and rain drops starts falling heavy, Ling Chang looks up and the sun which had been on the sky doing the entire battle was now gone behind big dark clouds, making it almost feel like night time. The two men keeps walking around and focusing on each like nothing else matters and as the thunder from the lightning above them starts rumbles the first attacks are happening but neither of the men unable to break thought so instead the men around the starts cheering.