Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 2

The warmth from the fire and the cold from the rain made her body unfordable and she wanted to scream when she suddenly remembered that what had happen and even she was still alive there was no reason that her saviour was good or evil. She looked away from the fire and tried to figure out where she was so she could escape but the first object that caught her eye was the man seating against a tree on the other side of the fireplace with his horse right behind him and what worse, she could see her family medallion around his neck. “There is no chance that I can escape without that” she thought to herself while she tried to figure out what to do now but the pain from her body made hard to think and as rain kept hitting her, it just got worse and worse. “What would my father do” she thought while trying to forget the pain and remember the good things instead. She yawned “I cannot sleep…” she managed to think before suddenly her eyes closed again before she even noticed how tired she were. It was all dark but slowly the light started to come for each rain drop that hit her painful body.

Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 1

The sun raised slowly in the east and Ling Chang woke up in her bed. Ling Chang looked confused around in her room and out the window. “Had it all been a dream” she thought to herself before she jumped out of the bed and got dressed. As she was about to open the house gate and run out to the hill, she noticed that her father horse was already there so she ran back inside and sure enough he and her mother was eating breakfast together. “You are home?” She said while trying to hide her dream from them. Her father looked at her and smiled “Yes, my little lotus… I could not wait to see you all again so I returned last night but you were fast asleep so did not want to wake you.” Ling Chang could feel her eyes fill up with tears in a mix of joy and sadness. She ran over and hugged him while her mother still sat nearby quietly. “I planned to go to the hill and show you what I have learn the last 3 months” it flew out of Ling Chang’s mouth. Her father looked at her and then nodded “Let us go” Ling Chang was super happy that it had all been a dream so she ran too fast for her father to follow. As she reached the hill, she felt a warm on her back that she had never felt before so she turned around and all the entire town and everybody in it had turned into fire and death. “It is alright” she heard her father’s voice said and as her eyes found found him in the mess, he still looked alive. “I am sorry for being able to protect you and your mother” he said as he came closer. Ling Chang wanted to scream but her father reached her and held gentle a hand on her mouth. “Don’t worry, child… even that all this might look bad then we are doing great… I am just trying to scare your soul so you won’t join us yet as your mother have sent you on a mission” Ling Chang was relived and confused on the same time as how could her father know about her being sent to the emperor’s palace by her mother when he was not there. He removed his hand to let her speak “I am no hero but I will revenge you” she replied and suddenly both her mom and father stood in front of the town. “Never forget, that we love you, more than everything else on this earth” and before Ling Chang could reply a big flame covered them and the town from her eyes and she woke up looking directly into a fireplace.