Chapter 5 finish, Are you guys ready for chapter 6?

Today I finished chapter 5 – Escape which was a bit different form the rest as when I started writing it, I noticed that I had not added any notes or ideas from it so was a bit worried if I could write it anyway but I am now done and ready to start chapter…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 12

“All my fault” Jun Chen said without revealing how worried he were for a moment as he noticed that Ling Chang was not listening anyway. “How does it feel to be back?” Jun Chen said trying to break down the silence from Ling Chang. Ling Chang looked at him but did not say a word…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 11

It had turned evening when they finally reached Shinobe and not even the smoke in the horizon had made Ling Chang slow down if anything it had made her walk even faster. They reached the first burning house in the edge of Shinobe and only the sight of the dead people who were laying around…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 10

Hui Wen looked at her a bit confused as this was the first time, she had not fainted before the fight was over  “What happened ton you?” He asked gentle and took her away from the death bodies while signalling to Jun Chen to finished the remaining soldiers to be sure they did not leave…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 9

Jun Chen attacked the soldier holding Ling Chang down which had to release her to able to defend himself against the attack while Hui Wen started to fight some of the other soldiers who also started attacking them. Ling Chang ran inside the house to get to cover but an arrow flew thought her hair…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 8

“I never become as good as my father” Jun Chen said with a rough voice before turning angry and cotinued “Why did you not find my father’s brother before all of this happened” his eyes ran full of tears but the heat from the fire made it impossible for them to appear. “I searched for…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 7

The fire started playing in the air while they started eating the food in silence and it was not like on the palace or back home but it were food and it tasted great. Ling Chang was the first to break the silence “I can see the emperor is not with us anymore, what happened…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 6

“Cover yourself Ling Chang” Hui Wen said while forcing himself and Jun Chen to look the other way. Ling Chang was still confused but did as told and soon appeared back with her clothes on. “How long have I been out? And don’t lie to me, I can see my wounds have healed” Ling Chang…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 5

They searched it and found it empty and not a single soul where near it either so they took Ling Chang and the horses inside to keep the all hidden. “I know many eatable foods so if you go find some wood, I will look for food while keeping a eye out for Ling Chen”…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 4

They didn’t have most time alone before another soldier came in yelling. “There people have escaped and one of them is the crown prince” Li Chen started laughing again “They will be back soon enough and if not we have his father, the former emperor… now get this hall cleaned so we can get me…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 3

Li Chen stood for a moment, thinking what he meant and what he should do which made him more angry which made he without thinking raising the sword. “What do you mean by that, old foul” Li Chen suddenly yelled after some awkward moments. Jiang Chen stopped laughing and took a deep breath before he…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 2

In the meantime on the palace were Li Chen and Mei Chen walking around in the now messy throne room. Bodies was laying everywhere but they did not care much about it. “We did it, we managed to do what our weak father could do” Mei Chen said with joy in her voice while she…More

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 1

Another arrow flew thought the air and hit the tree next to them. “Hurry now boy, or we will be death before we reach the forest” Hui Wen yelled loudly while ridding faster and protecting Jun Chen on the same time. Jun Chen looked back and watched as more and more people came running from…More

20.000 words, another chapter

I know I gave you two parts today but when I was done the first part I had plans for other things but my fingers wanted to do more so I continued after a small break. Suddenly before I knew it I was done chapter 4, which you can find over on the book page…More