Chapter 6 over, Chapter 7 next

Today I finished chapter 6 – A new home and I feel like it was yesterday I started my novel. I feel great about sharing it with you people. I am ready to start chapter 7 tomorrow. You already know that is named Love & training and I have refreshed the chapter idea a bit…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 15

The sun raises up like normal and Ling Chang was wondering what the day would bring her as the wounds had still not healed and she were not allowed to train. She got dressed and walked outside her room were Hui Wen was already busy training Jun Chen who seemed a bit sleepy today after…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 14

She starts slowly by swinging the sword around with one hand and the pain in her hands makes her worry if it is a good idea or not but a sudden thought about her parents makes her force herself to train even harder and the bandages starts getting red form blood. She gets in the…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 13

Ling Chang wakes up by the wind pulling off her blanket and she watches the moon is still full. “I want to train” she think to herself and quickly she almost jumps out of the bed and get dressed while listening to the snoring sounds from the room inside. She walks over to the dragon…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 12

Jun Chen appears slowly from the back but Ling Chang hears him before he gets a chance to say anything and walks past him like he is nothing and enters her room roughly but manage to catch the sight of Hui Wen who is just seating on the ground meditating. “Good night” Ling Chang says…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 11

As they reached the house was Jun Chen still outside training in the evening sun and the sight of him made Ling Chang feel a bit jealous but the weight of the sculpture has started to take its told so she just smiled at him before walking the last steps inside her room. When she…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 10

Ling Chang entered the room from the garden and noticed that both Hui Wen and the sculpture was there. She took off her medallion and held it up to line it with the sculpture. Even in the evening light it was almost impossible to see any difference and Ling Chang took her medallion on again…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 9

As it became evening, a long shadow appeared at the mason door and it were Hui Wen who had finally returned form the blacksmith with the new sword for Jun Chen and some food for dinner. “Sorry I was away for so long” he said when he entered the mason and Lie just looked at…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 8

A child came running against her but before he could say anything Hui Wen and the mason opened the door. “This is my friend Lei who is a great mason and he will make anything you ask. I will leave you two as I need to go to the blacksmith to get a sword made…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 7

Ling Chang wakes up as the birds starts to sing out side and she already feels better from the night. She gets dressed and walks out of her room to enjoy the birds and the sun for a moment. She stands with closed eyes, just listening and relaxing until she hears so footsteps on the…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 6

Jun Chen was the first to calm down and lower his sword when he noticed Ling Chang just seating on the ground crying while covering her ears. He managed to calm down Hui Wen too and soon only the rain drops falling outside the house that were heard. Jun Chen removed Ling Chang’s hands from…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 5

They eat dinner in silence and afterwards is Jun Chen continuing his training while Hui Wen watches, leaving Ling Chang bored and alone, making her miss her parents but also gives her an idea. The sun goes down and they all decide to call it a night so soon two of the three are heard…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 4

NOT A PART OF NOVEL, I rewrote this part in part 5 as I did enjoy it when I was about to write part 5 so jump here instead They eat the dinner in silence and slowly the sun were lower and lower on the sky before it turned evening and night. Ling Chang went…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 3

The sun light made her squint her eyes for a few seconds before she were ready to start training. She looked at Jun Chen who had not notice her present and watched his movements before doing the best to copy them and the action caught the eye of Jun Chen who tried to stop himself…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 2

Ling Chang tried to smiled as at least something godhead happened doing her rage. Ling Chang wanted to talk more but Jun Chen started to leave the room again. “I need to focus on my sword skills as Hui Wen have show me a few tricks while you have slept” he said gentle as he…More

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 1

Ling Chang opened her eyes as the heat from the sun became too much for her and the first she noticed was that she were inside a house and there were no sight of either Hui Wen or Jun Chen. She decided to get out of the bed but an unknown voice appeared out of…More

Chapter 5 finish, Are you guys ready for chapter 6?

Today I finished chapter 5 – Escape which was a bit different form the rest as when I started writing it, I noticed that I had not added any notes or ideas from it so was a bit worried if I could write it anyway but I am now done and ready to start chapter…More