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Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 15

The sun raises up like normal and Ling Chang was wondering what the day would bring her as the wounds had still not healed and she were not allowed to train. She got dressed and walked outside her room were Hui Wen was already busy training Jun Chen who seemed a bit sleepy today after their night training but he managed to do what Hui Wen wanted away,. “You are awake, good” Hui Wen said with a smilie on his face as he turned away from Jun Chen. “Today you are going to start training becoming a woman” Hui Wen continued gently and before Ling Chang could say anything he continued once more “No need to send me those eyes, my child. I have not decide if I want to train you or not yet but while you heal, you can at least learn something else instead” Hui Wen said with a smile and Ling Chang smiled back with the whole face making sure that she did not send any wrong signs. “Glad to see you smile, eat some breakfast while I will go pick up your teacher” Hui Wen said and started to leave the place before turning against Jun Chen. “Swing the sword faster and harder” he yelled commanding and Jun Chen did as told with out a single word. Ling Chang started eating like she were told and did not notice the sound of the sword coming closer before Jun Chen finally spoke. “Good morning, Sunshine” He said, making Ling Chang almost falling down the chair in chock, only a quick movement from Jun Chen prevented her from hitting the ground. “Sorry, I just wanted…” Jun Chen started while Ling Chang started to laugh loudly and words tried to get out of her mouth but only more laughing happened. Jun Chen started laughing too and soon they were both laughing loudly. After a while they became silenced again and they looked at deeply into each other eyes, making Jun Chen try again “Sorry, I wanted to tell you that no matter what that old foul want, then I will train you every night just like yesterday but I think we need to find our own place or he will find out” He said gentle while Ling Chang just nodded while continuing to look into his eyes. Ling Chang wanted to kiss him so she closed her eyes and expected it to happened but instead sound of a woman and Hui Wen started to appear and before she knew it she were alone at the table and Jun Chen were back at his training but he managed to send her a air kiss before Hui Wen appeared. “This is Jun Wen, my son” Hui Wen said while trying to signal something to the confused Jun Chen who managed to understand them before saying anything. “Nice young man, you got there” the woman said and they started to walk down to Ling Chang who still was a bit confused about the almost kiss not long ago and now Hui Wen lying. “This is my daughter Ling Wen, who you will be training into becoming a real woman” Hui Wen continued and Ling Chang bowed to the woman while trying to remove her confused look form her face. “Madam” she said while looking straight in the ground. The woman started laughing in a funny way while she commented to Hui Wen. “Except for maybe the outfit, what do you need me for, your daughter seems like a fine lady already” The woman said, making Hui Wen laugh too before answering “You will see, beside I heard you are the best to teach young women some manners” Hui Wen said before it hit him that he had forgot his manners. “Sorry, I forgot to introduce you… This is Fen, she will teach Ling Wen in becoming a fine young woman while her horse injury is healing” Hui Wen said while looking directly at Ling Chang and her bandages who had already become red, not as bad as the other days but it were still there, from the eating. Fen noticed the bandages at each of Ling Changs hands and noticed the red and started to run into the house to find some fresh bandages before anyone could stop her. The movement made them all sweating but she came back before they had a chance to do something and in her hand she had some fresh bandages. “Sorry, I could not just stand watching the poor child bleeding” Fen said while she started to prepare the bandages before looking at Ling Chang who was still in chock about what just happened. “Does it hurt, my child?” Fen said and Ling Chang managed to react to her eyes. “Sorry I just woke up, but yes it hurts” Ling Chang said while removing her bandages slowly and underneath the injuries still appears fresh because of the night training but she quickly manage to lie “I feel down the chair just before so it is a mess right now” without taking eyes away from the bloody bandages. Hui Wen just nodded and Fen starts replacing them. “Sorry if this hurts, my child” Fen says while placing the bandages and Ling Chang fells the pain but hides it behind a smile. Fen returns the smile and looks back at Hui Wen and speaks gentle “She will be like new, soon enough, but it will complicate her training a bit” Hui Wen is smiled and replies “That is why I need the best beside I don’t have the options to train her myself after my wife died” Ling Chang breaks in “Thanks, Fen” She says making Fen return to her and smile even more “You will be a lotus flower, soon enough… soon enough” Fen replied and stands up from the table before helping Ling Chang too. “First I think we need to find the right clothes for you” Fen says and before she can say more is Hui Wen already walking against the door “This way, ladies” he says and before Ling Chang has a change to say anything they are inside Hui Wen’s bedroom which is full of all colourful clothes. “I am sure, your mom’s old cloches will do” Hui Wen says and starts to leave the room. Ling Chang is speechless and Fen too but she manages to nod to Hui Wen before he leaves the room and soon a sound of swords and screams is heard from the outside. Ling Chang closes her eyes for a second and feel a tear appearing but when she opens up again the day is already gone and she is laying in her bed with almost fresh bandages and a moonlight telling her it is time from training.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 14

She starts slowly by swinging the sword around with one hand and the pain in her hands makes her worry if it is a good idea or not but a sudden thought about her parents makes her force herself to train even harder and the bandages starts getting red form blood. She gets in the zone and the pain disappears from her mind and she moves faster and faster with the moonlight hitting the sword lighting up the small area. Suddenly a hand grasp her hand the zone disappear, making her almost scream off pain but holds in while slowly turning around against the hand and as tears starts running down her checks she sees it is only Jun Chen. “You don’t like to follow the rules” Jun Chen says a bit rough before he notices her tears. “Sorry did not mean it that hard” He quickly continues in a more gentle voice before he feels the blood at the sword and he knows that it hurts on her, making him stop holding the sword and disappears. Ling Chang stand for a moment wondering what happened with the pain making it impossible for her to focus and before finally gets her thoughts starting Jun Chen is back with fresh bandages. “Lets get them changed” Jun Chen says gentle while making Ling Chang letting go of the sword so he can access the wounds. The wound is a bit messed up and Ling Chang is still feeling the tears running down her checks as she cries in silences. Suddenly Jun Chen kiss her and she wants to slap him for it but her heart beats in a rhythm telling her to kiss him back and she feels the pain slowly going away but before she can enjoy it fully he stops again and the pain from the wounds returns but at least one hand is now cleaned and having fresh bandages. “WHY did you do that?” Ling Chang managed to say angry at first before her feelings starts growing inside her and she kiss him back, making him almost forget to take care of the other hand but manage to do it before the kiss is over. Ling Chang feels the pain but her feelings when kissing him is too strong for her to care. They stops kissing just as Jun Chen has replace the other the bandages and he doesn’t say a word as he removes her remaining tears form her face. “You have beautiful eyes, Ling Chang” he says before kissing her again. Ling Chang feels a joy that had been gone since the day her father went out to train with the army three months ago. Tears appears in her eyes again and mixes with their kisses but they don’t stop. Jun Chen starts playing Ling Chang’s long black hair and it makes her kiss him even more but suddenly a thought stops them both from continuing “Sorry, we have to be fresh tomorrow or Hui Wen will know” they say in the mouth of each other making Ling Chang laugh a bit before they bends down to get the bandages and the sword to remove the traces of them being out a night. “I will train you at night if Hui Wen won’t train you doing the day” Jun Chen says gentle making Ling Chang’s shine like the stars above them and she kiss him again before they walk back in silence to make sure that Hui Wen doesn’t wake up hearing them and back in their rooms is Ling Chang having a hard time sleeping because all the events. She walks over to the dragon sculpture and put her hand on the head “Mom and dad, I have found true love in the crown prince Jun Chen and I ask of your blessings from beyond and I promise you that it won’t ruin my chances of revenging you, I love you” Ling Chang said gentle before removing the hand again and walked back in bed before yawning loud and closed her eyes.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 13

Ling Chang wakes up by the wind pulling off her blanket and she watches the moon is still full. “I want to train” she think to herself and quickly she almost jumps out of the bed and get dressed while listening to the snoring sounds from the room inside. She walks over to the dragon sculpture and takes her medallion from it before she almost silence prays “Dear Mù, please protect me from harm doing this night training and let me stop being hunted by memories about my parents” the moonlight hits her medallion covering the dragon in a green light and Ling Chang picks up her sword before slowly leaving her room and walks away from the house to be sure that the others not hear her training. She looks back at the house and the trees is covering most of the house now, making her turn back around and remove the scabbard making her able to train.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 12

Jun Chen appears slowly from the back but Ling Chang hears him before he gets a chance to say anything and walks past him like he is nothing and enters her room roughly but manage to catch the sight of Hui Wen who is just seating on the ground meditating. “Good night” Ling Chang says without sounding too angry as Jun Chen appears inside the her sight again and before he can reach her, she closes the door behind her and lays down in her bed, thinking of the things just happened. Ling Chang closed her eyes while she hears Jun Chen outside starting to talk with Hui Wen without really hearing what is going on.

“What did I do wrong? Hui Wen” Jun Chen asks him, making Hui Wen stretch while opening his eyes to return form the meditation and quickly his eyes focuses at Jun Chen. “What?” Jun Chen says trying to avoid the eyes of Hui Wen. “I think she is having a hard time, coming over the lose of her parents which was why I took her to the mason today as I believe that a sculpture to pray to will help her heal and control her rage… give her time, she needs that” Hui Wen says while removing his focus from Jun Chen and starts standing up. Jun Chen wants to say something but Hui Wen holds a finger to his mouth to make him quiet. “let her rest, she needs to find herself beside you have more important things to care about right now… You are the next in line for the throne even that your cosine has taken it for now, we need you to be ready both psychically and physically so here is something to help you on the way” Hui Wen continues before handing over the sword he had gotten created from the blacksmith doing the day. Jun Chen don’t know what to do so he just watch it with open mouth before he sees Hui Wen nodding from behind the table. Jun Chen stands up and starts swinging the sword around a few swings, making it sound like someone is singing. Jun Chen finally comes to his senses and kneels in front of Hui Wen who just seats and smiles. “Thanks, but I don’t deserve this sword” Jun Chen said but Hui Wen just shakes his head and pushes the sword back at Jun Chen. “Maybe not now, but some day you will and for now I will start teaching you how to use it, starting tomorrow” Hui Wen says gentle and Jun Chen takes it back and bows again before yawning. “I better get some sleep then” Jun Chen says and look up at the dark sky which is already full of stars. Hui Wen just nods and joins him entering the house.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 11

As they reached the house was Jun Chen still outside training in the evening sun and the sight of him made Ling Chang feel a bit jealous but the weight of the sculpture has started to take its told so she just smiled at him before walking the last steps inside her room. When she got outside was Hui Wen unpacking the dinner while Jun Chen still had not reacted on them arriving which made the jealous grow inside Ling Chang again and this time she took an apple from the dinner and threw against him while started to laugh as it came closer and closer to his face but just as it was about to hit him he moved quickly and before Ling Chang had a chance to react the apple had hit her face instead leaving Jun Chen being the one laughing now. Ling Chang cleans herself and Hui Wen just shakes his head disapproving the évents and starts eating some of the meat. ” Come eat, both of you” Hui Wen says calmly before eating some more meat. Jun Chen stops laughing and do a few stretches before he also is eating some of the meat from the table leaving Ling Chang as the only one not at the table or eating. She finished her cleaning before walking over and picking up an apple, just to leave the place again. Jun Chen feels coldness from her, making him try to capture her free hand but she pull it away just as they are reaching and she walks faster away from the table and soon she is all alone in the back of the house. “Sorry, please stay” Jun Chen yells gentle but the jealousy is drowning any feelings for company so she just eat the apple before laying and start counting the stars which slowly appears on the sky while the sun disappears.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 10

Ling Chang entered the room from the garden and noticed that both Hui Wen and the sculpture was there. She took off her medallion and held it up to line it with the sculpture. Even in the evening light it was almost impossible to see any difference and Ling Chang took her medallion on again before looking kindly at Lei. “It is perfect, thanks a lot for your time and I enjoyed every moment out in the garden” Lei stopped laughing and bowed back at Ling Chang. “It was a honor to serve you and please come back if you every need to walk my garden again” Lei said calmly and smiled. Ling Chang took the sculpture down from the production table and started carrying it out the door while biting her teeth hard together as the injuries on her hands had started to hurt again but she wanted to be strong. Hui Wen quickly started to find some gold coins to pay Lei but Lei just shocked his head and said gentle “It is a gift, so spare the gold for something else” and Hui Wen put the coins back at his small bag and followed Ling Chang who had already gone quiet a bit. “Wait on me” he said calmly while he ran a bit to reach Ling Chang. Ling Chang stopped for a moment and was almost pushed out of course by a stranger who walked by and for a moment she thought she knew the man but he just walked on like nothing had happen. “Look were you are going” Hui Wen yelled but the man just continued walking and when he reached Ling Chang, she just shocked her head and they started walking back home.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 9

As it became evening, a long shadow appeared at the mason door and it were Hui Wen who had finally returned form the blacksmith with the new sword for Jun Chen and some food for dinner. “Sorry I was away for so long” he said when he entered the mason and Lie just looked at him with a bit tired eyes as he had been making the sculpture the entire day. “Were is Ling Chang?” Hui Wen asked while looking around for her before looking straight at Lei as a bad feeling started to grow inside him. “Relax, old fool” Lei said with a laughing voice and pointed out the window which made Hui Wen eyes follow. Outside the window in the garden were Ling Chang walking around like he had only been away for a few minutes. “She have been in some kind of dream world since you left us” Lie laughed and Hui Wen could not stop himself from laughing either. “Does that mean she did not get her sculpture done” Hui Wen voice changed to serious as he fear what the night would bring if she did not have it one more night.. Lei started laughing loudly and even more wildly than before while he tried to speak and point at the dragon sculpture right in front of Hui wen who had been so focus on Ling Chang that he did not notice it.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 8

A child came running against her but before he could say anything Hui Wen and the mason opened the door. “This is my friend Lei who is a great mason and he will make anything you ask. I will leave you two as I need to go to the blacksmith to get a sword made for Jun Chen too” Hui Wen said with a joyful voice and soon Lei and Ling Chang were all alone in the mason. Ling Chang looked at him and he was a bit thin compared to the mason they had a home but sure he would be a great mason when Hui Wen was friends with him. She took of the medallion and handed it to Lei who quickly took and watched every detail on it. “This are my family medallion and I would like a sculpture that looks like the dragon on the medallion” She said while a small tear ran down her check and Lei looked up for a moment before returning to the medallion. “That should be possible, and sorry for your loss, Hui Wen told me about the death of your parents but I am sure we will get the bad ones, beaten soon enough” Lie said with a calm and easy voice and handed the medallion back to Ling Chang who quickly took it on again. “Guess you better stay here until Hui Wen returns form the blacksmith or I might get in trouble for losing you” Lie said still calm and easy. Ling Chang nodded and started to look around, which made Lie quickly continue “You can go and look around in the mason if you like, I also have a nice garden in case you want to see that” and then he picked a white stone between the stones on the floor and started to look at it figuring out how to make the dragon. Soon there were a lot of hammering coming from the mason but Ling Chang was already far away in dreamland from all watching all the sculptures.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 7

Ling Chang wakes up as the birds starts to sing out side and she already feels better from the night. She gets dressed and walks out of her room to enjoy the birds and the sun for a moment. She stands with closed eyes, just listening and relaxing until she hears so footsteps on the ground, making her turn against them and open her eyes. “Feeling better, my child?” Hui Wen calm voice responses when he notice that he had been spotted. Ling Chang just nods so he continues “We can go past the mason for your sculpture while getting the bread and meat for breakfast” still with a calm voice but the words makes Ling Chang lose a bit of joy but quickly replied with joy “Sure, sounds like a good idea” she replied trying to forget the past for a moment and together they walk out of the small garden and into the streets of Funanai which is already full of life even after the past events. They have gotten new management after Gang Chen has taken over the control of the town to make sure that the harbour is continuing its operations. Ling Chang wonder how people can be so calm in a time on unrest but she keeps the question to herself because she knows that people can be spies and one wrong word, they are all caught. They finally reach the mason and Hui Wen enters first to make sure that everything is alright while Ling Chang stays outside for a moment and watch the life going on.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 6

Jun Chen was the first to calm down and lower his sword when he noticed Ling Chang just seating on the ground crying while covering her ears. He managed to calm down Hui Wen too and soon only the rain drops falling outside the house that were heard. Jun Chen removed Ling Chang’s hands from her ears and asked gentle “What happened?” And Ling Chang eyes light up with a confused look as she did not know if she wanted to tell them or not. She took a deep breath and cleaned her wet eyes before she with a firm voice said “This morning I heard a voice telling me that both of you were scared of me but I was not able to tell you, sorry… and just before you entered the room, the voice appeared again and this time I felt my mouth move but it was not me” She wanted to say more but Hui Wen, who had kneeled down, held a hand up to her mouth to quiet her down. “I am sorry, I should have known” Hui Wen said with a calm voice, making both Ling Chang and Jun Chen look at him with confused looks. Hui Wen looked down for a moment before meeting their graze and continued “When I lost my wife long ago, I experience the same as you Ling Chang and I went days going more and more crazy before Jiang Chen noticed that I did not do my job right and together we found out what was wrong.” Jun Chen was a bit proud of his father but the time and place made him just stay quiet. “I will take you to my friend, who is a mason to create a little statue that you can pray to every night and remember your parents by” Hui Wen ended and pulled forward a small sculpture of a woman who could only be his wife. Ling Chang wanted to say something but she kept the silence and before she knew it they were all back in their beds and she were looking out on the rain before her eyes close gentle.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 5

They eat dinner in silence and afterwards is Jun Chen continuing his training while Hui Wen watches, leaving Ling Chang bored and alone, making her miss her parents but also gives her an idea. The sun goes down and they all decide to call it a night so soon two of the three are heard snoring, all is asleep except for Ling Chang who has waited for the chance. She looks out the windows and sees that the full moon is lighting everything just as she planned so she slowly gets out of her bed and walks to her clothes before taking them slow to make at little noise as possible while listening to the snoring sounds coming from Jun Chen and Hui Wen rooms besides hers. As she is almost dressed a voice appears “Are you sure that is a good idea?” Making Ling Chang pull her sword with such power she almost ruins her bandages and the pain is also unbearable, but when she looked around there was no one there. She worried for a moment that Hui Wen would wake up but the snoring continued like not had happen and she decide that the voice was just in her mind and nothing real. She made her hand place her hair again and started to lower the sword when a hand grasped around her and forced it upwards against her face before stopping right in front of her noise. “Are you sure, you wanna play?” The voice appear again and Ling Chang was about to scream when she noticed that the face on the sword was hers but not hers on the same time as it had moved doing the speaking and she had not even opened her mouth. She looked at the hand which had forced the sword to her face and it were just her own hand. “Am I turning crazy after all the events?” Ling Chang asked herself with voice to determent if the voice she heard was her own or a stranger and she felt relieved for a moment when it was not her voice before the fear inside her grew big because who was it then. She wanted to think more but the sword started moving closer while the voice started to laugh loudly. “Help me” Ling Chang tried to scream but something like hands covered her mouth but before they could cover the mouth totally she managed to bite which made the laugher stop and the sword fall to the ground. Ling Chang managed to look around before Jun Chen and Hui Wen both came running inside her room, yelling loudly so no-one understood what they said making Ling Chang fall to the ground while tears started to fall down her checks and outside the once full moon was covered by clouds, that also started raining.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 4

NOT A PART OF NOVEL, I rewrote this part in part 5 as I did enjoy it when I was about to write part 5 so jump here instead

They eat the dinner in silence and slowly the sun were lower and lower on the sky before it turned evening and night. Ling Chang went to her room like the others did but she were not sleepy and still a bit angry at Hui Wen for not allowing her to train. The moonlight outside gave her an idea but she had to wait until she were certain than the others were asleep, luckily the rooms was next to each other so she soon she heard a snoring coming from Hui Wen’s room. She got dressed slowly as she expected to be alone at this time.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 3

The sun light made her squint her eyes for a few seconds before she were ready to start training. She looked at Jun Chen who had not notice her present and watched his movements before doing the best to copy them and the action caught the eye of Jun Chen who tried to stop himself from laughing but couldn’t. “Sorry, never seen a girl train before” he said with a big smile on his face and Ling Chang was about to get angry at him for laughing but he stopped and started to place his hands on her hands. “You have to do like this” he said very seriously and force her arms more straight and with more power than before. Ling Chang nodded and he returned to his training and they started to train almost in harmony while the sun continued to shin and birds started to sing too. Ling Chang felt like she were in heaven and away for the terrors on earth for a moment when something grasped her hand and pulled the sword away from her. She opened her eyes and looked directly into the eyes of scared and furious eyes of Hui Wen who had returned home from the town with food. “Jun Chen, how can you make yourself train with her after all the damage she almost did only three days ago.” Ling Chang wanted her sword back so she moved her hands out after her but Hui Wen moved in a mix of too fast and too slow for her as she did not get it but instead the blade cutting herself deeply in her hands. “Look what you made me do, get some bandages” Hui Wen yelled loudly again at Jun Chen who did not have a chance to defend himself for his actions. “It hurts” Ling Chang said while grinding teeth and she felt the rage trying to control her but she managed to force it to stay away. “Sorry, my child didn’t mean to hurt you. But after you attack on us the other day, I am not sure I want to have you trained.” The sentence made the rage come closer but she focused and kept it at bay. Jun Chen came back from the house with some bandages and started to cover Ling Chang’s hands, and it relieved the pain and the rage making her able to focus on speaking. “Jun Chen did nothing wrong, I started training after watching him so do not be mad at him” She almost yelled and scared the birds, making some flew away while others only stopped singing. Hui Wen tried to calm down even he were being yelled at and thought fore a moment. “You cannot train with your latest injury so while it heal I will think if I should train you or not, now lets us eat” Hui Wen said with the most calm voice he could at this moment.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 2

Ling Chang tried to smiled as at least something godhead happened doing her rage. Ling Chang wanted to talk more but Jun Chen started to leave the room again. “I need to focus on my sword skills as Hui Wen have show me a few tricks while you have slept” he said gentle as he reached the door which made Ling Chang look at him with big eyes which made him continued “Right, you have been asleep for 3 days and we only used the night to travel here” Ling Chang was about to yell but decides that nothing good would come out of it so continued eating her bread while smiling again like nothing wrong had happened and Jun Chen left the room. Ling Chang eat the bread and was a bit thirsty but decide to stay in bed and think about what had happened as the past week have been far more interesting that any day of her remains life and then there was also the voice which had appeared before Jun Chen appeared. The thought of the voice made her entire body shake by shivers, making her look around for her clothes and got the eye of it and her sword at a chair in the other end of the room. She walked slowly over to it and got dressed quickly to make sure that no one watched her naked and afterwards she picked up her sword before heading out to Jun Chen who were still training

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 1

Ling Chang opened her eyes as the heat from the sun became too much for her and the first she noticed was that she were inside a house and there were no sight of either Hui Wen or Jun Chen. She decided to get out of the bed but an unknown voice appeared out of the blue “They are afraid of you, they are scared of you” and she decide to lay still in the bed while figuring out where her sword was. “You cannot hide for me as I am inside you… Some people say they have a guardian angel, most of them are lies but I am yours and you are mine” the voice continued “Who are you?” Ling Chang yelled loudly and the voice disappear just as Jun Chen came running inside the room with his sword pulled and ready to fight. “Who is who?” Jun Chen yelled but the room was empty except for him and Ling Chang. Ling Chang looked around but did not find the source of the voice so she decide to lie. “Sorry for scaring you, just an nightmare” Ling Chang said trying to sound calm and scared on the same time. Jun Chen lowed his sword and soon it was back in place. “What is the last you remember?” Jun Chen asked sounding very embarrassed about something. Ling Chang looked at him weird and started to play her hair when she felt the bandages, making her face turn sad. “I remember we were in my town and we talked about dragons before I found my parents but after that I don’t remember much” Ling Chang replied him with a voice of sorrow as she had an idea about what had happen. Jun Chen wanted to answer her but his tongue started twisting and no words came to him. “I did it again, didn’t I?” Ling Chang asked while looking directly at Jun Chen who managed to get control of himself and reply “Yes” and the tone made Ling Chang knew instantly what had happen. “I attacked you and Hui Wen, didn’t I?” Ling Chang asked trying to sound sad of the events even it were a bit hard when she did not remember doing it. Jun Chen did not answer but nodded before started to leave the room again. Ling Chang looked down in the bed as she was sad because of the bad things she had done. What was the point of helping people when the rage could also make her attack those she cared about Ling Chang thought to herself before her belly started to rumble. She wanted to yell to Jun Chen but he had already appeared in the door again with some bread and walked over to her. Ling Chang did not know what to say as she thought he had left the room because he were scared of her. “Here, thought you were hungry after sleeping the entire night with only breakfast yesterday” Jun Chen said with a calm voice and Ling Chang smiled a bit before she replied with a bit sad voice “Sorry for attacking you” Jun Chen looked at her bandages and replied “I am not sure what is wrong with you or how I can help but I will do anything I can and I am sure Hui Wen will too beside I am sorry for knocking you out” Ling Chang laughed a bit of his last part about knocking her out. “What about my parents?” Ling Chang managed to say while eating the bread. “We hurried them as we worried that you might rage if we didn’t do it” Jun Chen replied.

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