Chapter 8 done after weird 4 days

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Today marks the end of a bit weird 4 days as I have felt lazy, sick, tired and everything in between but today the 5th day of the week I managed to do something good and that was to finished chapter 8 as I could not stop myself from writing. Guess Endel app really works…

Funny that I felt that my chapter was slow because I had to restart it and now I cannot wait to continue with Chapter 9 – Nightmares. As always you can find all my chapters here which will be updated right after this post.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 8

He started walking and the sun when behind a cloud, making it all a bit dark leaving him to focus even harder on the road and people around him. He finished his meal to keep his thoughts on Ling Chang instead and just as he finished the sun peaked forward again and everything became a lot easier. He stopped to think once more where Ling Chang could have gone but his mind was suddenly asking for water so he looked around and by pure look a small stand was selling juices. He turned against it and walked before suddenly without any warning all went dark and stars started to appear.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 7 – New

Back outside the palace was Jun Chen and Hui Wen still searching for Jun Chen unaware of what had happened. Jun Chen had finished searching the market and had started to walk the nearby roads thin while his mind got more and more worried about Ling Chang which also had other side effects. “Jun” a voice called and at first Jun Chen could not figure out if the voice as female or male but it repeated and this time he knew it were male so he turned around just to catch Hui Wen. “Have you found her?” He started not wasting time and Jun Chen just shocked his head while looking down in the ground.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 6 – New

In the meantime on the Funanai palace, the soldiers and former emperor Jiang Chen has arrived and Gang Chen is quick to honour his uncle with a bow. “Finally my brother gives me a reward for conquering my part of the country” he says and expect Jiang Chen to return the favour but Jiang Chen does not mood a muscle, making Gang Chen angry and yells “Don’t you have enough of respect to greet your nephew?” As he walks closer to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen feels his presents and answers ice cold “No”, making Gang Chen even more angry and pulls forward a small knife before yelling “I will pluck out your eyes if you don’t greet me this instant” Jiang Chen starts laughing loudly and a soldier holds Jiang Chen’s hair showing Gang Chen the missing eyes.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 5 – New

He started to walk against the market and before he knew it, he was there even he had searched most of the roads for Ling Chang. His belly started to rumble loud as he smelled the meals being sold at the stands. He had forgotten to eat breakfast because of the argument about the letters with Hui Wen and now they was out to search for Ling Chang. “I hope I find her soon enough without any harm” He thought to himself but it still left his mouth as words.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 4 – New

“I THOUGHT YOU WAS A GRAND MASTER, AND NOT A CHICKEN” Jun Chen yelled at Hui Wen who quickly replied without much thought. “I AM ONLY ONE HUMAN AND I CARE ABOUT YOU AND LING CHANG” He yelled back without thinking much about the words as they flew out of his mouth but Jun Chen lost his voice and almost silence said “Ling Chang?” As their argument and yelling had made him forgot all about her and they were even standing in front of her door, not minding her sleep or anything at all.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 3 – New

The whole world trueing dark and she wanted to scream but before she got the chance the light returned and she were back at the palace at the destroyed where she could see that emperor Jiang Chen was alive and that he was getting sent away by some younger man but before she could help she were transported to a horse and it was surrounded by soldiers and she screamed loudly as they all suddenly turned around and watched directly against her and she closed her eyes fearing what would happen next and soon she felt the wind and as she opened her eyes the moon was up and many stars danced in front of her and she was able to see the town Funanai below her as she noticed the mason’s garden and the market and before she was able to enjoy it, all went dark again and soon she heard the yelling return like they had never been gone in the first place. She knew why they were arguing now, the emperor was still alive and they have left him all alone in the palace.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 2 – New

“Why are you yelling?” Ling Chang tried to say after getting her hearing back but the two men was not focused at her at all like they were blinded by rage and continued yelling at each other making Ling Chang leave the screen and try to block the sounds instead. “WHAT REASONS COULD BE BETTER THAN TELLING ME THE TRUTH” Jun Chen yelled while Hui Wen just look at him trying to control his anger, but yelled back “YOU WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND”.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 1 – New

Ling Chang opened her eyes with a set and before she had been awake long enough to think a single thought, she were already at her door with the sword pulled and ready to strike because of the yelling and noise coming outside. She slowly opened the door and as she finally managed to peak out, she noticed that it was just Jun Chen and Hui Wen who was yelling at each other near their rooms and the yelling was so high it was just noise in Ling Chang’s ears so she went back to her bed and place the sword before getting dressed while watching the sun raising. “I wonder what they are yelling about this early in the morning” She asked her parents when it were time to pray before it hit her, she had been naked in plain sight of Jun Chen so whatever they were yelling about at this hour it sure was important. She returning to her own silence which made the world feel like two and it scared her a bit that they were able to be so angry. As she decide to walk outside her room to get some breakfast the yelling had moved to her door and she had suddenly arrived in the middle of the fight between Jun Chen and Hui Wen who is already very angry at each other. “WHY DID YOU HIDE IT FROM ME” Jun Chen yells loudly, not noticing that Ling Chang has awaken and is right in the middle of it. “I HAVE MY REASONS” Hui Wen yells back leaving Ling Chang almost deaf for a moment

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 7

“We have to find her so I take the south of the town while you take the north but look out as it is near the palace and after what I have gotten messages, it sounds like Gang Chen is living there this moment so be careful” Jun Chen said and Jun Chen replied “I will” and then they split up once more. Jun Chen stood for a moment, thinking “Please be safe, Ling Chang” and a female voice was heard but Jun Chen was too focused on his thought that he only heard the voice and not what it said. “Nice to see you again, Jun Chen” Mei Chen said again as she did not get any response and this time Jun Chen reacted “Ohh, It is you… I thought for a moment it was my sister who called for me” making Mei Chen both happy and annoyed but she managed to keep her smiling. “Who was the old man, you left me fore? Your lover” Mei Chen teased Jun Chen to get him to focus on her instead of Ling Chang. “My father, and please stop being so annoying, my sister is very important to me and my family so just leave if you won’t help” Jun Chen replied a bit angry and started to walk north and keeping his eyes anywhere else that at Mei Chen. Mei Chen could feel the annoyance turning into rage but she stopped it as she knew she had found two out of three so if she helped with finding the last one she could return to her brother at the palace. “Sorry I just tried to cheer you up, so will do my best help you” Mei Chen managed to say while walking after him to make sure she was not left behind. Jun Chen did not react at first but finally agree that she were following him and said “She has long black hair and brown eyes, I do not know what clothes she are wearing as neither me or my father watched her leave but her hight is about yours, if you see anything like that please point her out as I am not sure how she will react to strangers” Mei Chen just nodded quickly and started to look serious while she looked at the group of people walk past them.   

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 6

”I am looking for my sister” He managed to say without looking too stupid. “Can I help?” It flew out of Mei Chen mouth and Jun Chen just nodded and they started to search the market while continuing the talk. “So what are you doing for a living?” Mei Chen asked gentle while they walked past the shops. “I am a mason, or rather I help my master by picking up stones for him, when not looking for my sister like today” Jun Chen replied laughing. “What about yourself?” He continued and Mei Chen looked at him and replied “Nothing much, just in town visiting my brother” and a silence followed as she were not used to have a small talk. They finished searching the market and Jun Chen had no choice to start looking on each of the streets for Ling Chang. “Sorry, I guess I have to do this alone” Ling Chang said and Mei Chen looked confused at first before she smiled and replied “Sure, we can meet again another day when you have found your sister” They left each other and Mei Chen looked as Jun Chen started to search the street for Ling Chang. Suddenly an old man appeared and she watched them speak before she smiling started to walk the other way. “Have you found her?” Hui Wen asked Jun Chen who just shocked his head gentle as he was in no mood in answering. “have you gotten any ideas of where she could have gone, I have search at the road to the mason, his gardens and at the blacksmith even at Fen’s home if she for some reason had found it and nowhere to be found” Hui Wen said tried to sound calm but his voice jumped up and down. Jun Chen looked at him and replied “No, but I have searched the entire market for her”

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 5

”My name is Jun Chen, what is your name?” Jun Chen asked without thinking on what Hui Wen had said as he was almost lost in the eyes of the stranger. The woman looked at him and smiled “My name is Mei Chen, how awesome we have the same last name” Mei Chen said quickly before pointing at in the sky. “Did you see the beautiful bird?” Mei Chen said, giving Jun Chen no chance to think about their names and instead he tried to catch a sight of the bird. “Where?” He said and followed the finger of Mei Chen. “There” Mei Chen said and pointed at it and Jun Chen finally caught it and tried to sound like it were amazing “Yes, what a beautiful bird” He said before turning his face against Mei Chen again without saying anything. Mei Chen turned her head against his and for a moment the whole world was silence as it waited for something to happen and without any warning kissed Mei Chen, Jun Chen who at first was so brainwashed that he just kissed back before a small voice in his head told him otherwise. He pulled his lips away from Mei Chen and said low while still surprised “Sorry, I don’t know you” trying to hide his feelings for Ling Chang but Mei Chen was no normal woman and she knew was going on so she started to teach him a bit. “Another girl in your life?” Mei Chen said teasing while Jun Chen got red in his face before replying “No, never” but his voice revealed it all and Mei Chen knew he were lying but still she changed subject as he had already told her all she needed to know about his life. “So what are you looking for a the market?” Mei Chen asked and Jun Chen tried to figure out something but he was still confused from the crash and kiss.

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 4

He continued his search but there were no sight of Ling Chang and he wanted to yell her name but he remembered that Hui Wen told him to keep a low profile. He continued to search between the shops and were not focused on where he went only that Ling Chang was not there. Bump, suddenly he was seeing stars doing the day and when he finally got back to normal he was also on the ground. “Look were you are going” he snapped but his voice broken when he noticed the beautiful woman he had ran into. “Sorry” he managed to say while handing out a hand to help the woman up. “Sorry I was focused on something else so did not see you” Jun Chen continued. “It is alright” The woman said and her raised her hand which made it seem like she was still a bit dizzy. “Up” Jun Chen said and pulled the woman up from the ground. “Too fast” The woman yelled a bit as she did not managed to stop and they both landed on the ground again with the woman on top of Jun Chen. Jun Chen could not stop himself from laughing and soon the woman was laughting too before they tried standing up once more and this time they both were able to stay standing.The woman looked at Jun Chen with her beautiful eyes, making Jun Chen almost forget what he was doing in the market.

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 3

“Do you know any reason why she have left us or where she has gone?” Hui Wen asked Jun Chen who was about to ask the same question to Hui Wen so he just shock his head and replied “No, but lets start in the market and at the mason as those are the only place she had been when not here” Hui Wen nodded in agreement. “Maybe we should spilt up so we can cover more ground faster” Hui Wen suggested and Jun Chen liked the idea even he was not used to walk in the town so soon they left the house alone and started searching in difference places of the town. “We meet here at evening if no matter if we have found her or not and keep a low profile” Hui Wen said as a last thing before they spilt up completely and Jun Chen was all alone between people in the town which already had become full and noisy. He started walking against the market as he knew that she had been there before and maybes was just out getting food like last time. His belly rumbled as in the argument about the letters from home, he and HUi Wen had forgotten all about eating breakfast and he got a bit annoyed by the thought that Hui Wen had hidden the letters from him, of course He and Ling Chang had become lovers and been training behinds Hui Wen’s back but it was not the same. His belly rumbled again as he walked past a stand selling seafood. “Can I, please have some octopus?” Jun Chen with a calm voice to clear out the annoyance in his mind. “Certainly, you man” The owner said and packed some for Jun Chen who quickly paid and continued searching for Ling Chang. The food helped him calm and focus on finding Ling Chang instead of arguing about the letters in his head.

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 2

“I THOUGHT YOU WAS A GREAT MASTER BUT YOU ONLY CARED ABOUT YOURSELF” Jun Chen yelled making Hui Wen prompted replied “I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT YOU AND LING CHANG THAT EVEN WHEN MY OLD FRIEND ASKED ME FOR HELP I DID NOT REPLY”. “LING Chang? Jun Chen said a bit lower than before as he had forgotten all about and wondered if she was still in bed. Hui Wen noticed his actions and returned to a more normal voice as he started knocking on Ling Chang’s door. “Are you up, Ling Chang?” He tried to sound gentle but the yelled had made his voice hoarse and dry. No answer or sound was heard form inside her room, making Jun Chen push away Hui Wen and they were almost back at fighting again but they managed to stay calm as Ling Chang was more important. “Ling Chang, we are done yelling so please open the door” Jun Chen said as clam and kind he could but no reaction came. Jun Chen lowered his voice so only Hui Wen was able to hear it. “Do you think we need to enter?” He said almost whispering and Hui Wen thought for a moment before nodding before he slowly took a grip in the handle and started to push it down. “We are entering now” Jun Chen said as the door slowly opened and they closed their eyes in case Ling Chang was naked. As the door was fully open and they still had not heard a sound from Ling Chang, they decided to opening their eyes and watched to their horror that the room was empty except for the sculpture, her sword and some of her cloches. “We have to find her and soon as we don’t know who else could find her first” Hui Wen said with shaken voice. “Yes, our discussion can wait” Jun Chen replied but Hui Wen stopped him from running. “No, if it really matters that much to you, we will travel to the palace tomorrow and see if we can save your father without risking too much but first we need to find Ling Chang as she cannot live her on her own.” Hui Wen said with a defeated but firm voice. “thanks, it means a lot to me, that we try” Jun Chen replied smiling and a bit more happy even that the unknown about Ling Chang was taking its toll.

First part of Chapter 8 + 40.000 words

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I have already added today’s part, I might write more if my fingers and mind goes crazy again but for now I need a break. The main reason of this post is just to tell that I have now reached 40.000 words and I know for sure I have never reached to many before so I feel amazing and is so happy for this last weekend of my holiday.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 1

Ling Chang wakes up with a set from yelling people outside her room so she quickly get dressed and skip her daily praying to her parents to figure out what is happening. As she gets outside, she arrives in the middle of a fight between Jun Chen and Hui Wen who is already very angry at each other. “WHY DID YOU HIDE IT FROM ME” Jun Chen yells loudly, not noticing that Ling Chang has awaken and is right in the middle of it. “I HAVE MY REASONS” Hui Wen yells back leaving Ling Chang almost deaf for a moment and she tries to get their focus but they are blinded by rage and continues yelling so Ling Chang tries to block the sounds instead. “WHAT REASONS COULD BE BETTER THAN TELLING ME THE TRUTH” Jun Chen yells while Hui Wen just look at him trying to control his anger but yells back “YOU WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND” Ling Chang still don’t understand what have happen doing the night and starts to worry about that her training is the problem that has started the yelling so she quickly start eating some breakfast as she has to make them stop yelling at each other. Ling Chang eats quickly and the last bite is only gone when she walks back to Hui Wen and Jun Chen who still yells at each other. “Please stop fighting” Ling Chang says with a calm voice while trying to get Jun Chen to focus on her instead of Hui Wen but he is lost in anger. “Please, Please, Please stop” Ling Chang tries again this time at Hui Wen but even he is tried to control his anger, he is still too far in it for her to get him back. Ling Chang gives up and with tears in her eyes she suddenly notice a white pidgin standing on a piece of paper not far from the fight, not caring much about it. Ling Chang dries her eyes and walk slowly against the pidgin so it won’t fly away but the pidgin does not care about her either so when she finally reach the bird it is still seating calmly. She takes the pidgin up and starts petting it to reach the paper underneath and it goes smoothly. Ling Chang looks at the paper and reads it “Emperor, travel, execution, Funanai” it says. At first Ling Chang does not understand the meaning of the words but as she close her eyes the words comes alive and starts becoming some kind of dream blocking all sounds of Jun Chen and Hui Wen yelling.

Suddenly she is back at the palace, it is destroyed but Hui Wen, Jun Chen and emperor Jiang Chen is there too. They are trying to escape the palace through a hallway and suddenly explosion cuts spilts them from emperor Jiang Chen and they are leaving him in the mess of bricks and wood. Before Ling Chang can do anything, she is suddenly the world around her is black and she feels a pain in her left leg while a horse or something carries her. Ling Chang wants to scream of pain but before she is able to she is laying with her head on some wood and it is not her bed as she is laying in and finally she becomes a bird flying around above the town Funanai and she is watching Jun Chen and Hui Wen still yelling at each other before all becomes dark and the yelling returns.

Ling Chang feels tears running down form her eyes and starts to scream in a mix of pain and fear of what she had seen. Nothing happens and when she turns around she sees that Jun Chen and Hui Wen is still busy with their augment and yelling that. A mixed feeling of hate, love and fear rushes over her and she feels like no one cares about her anymore so she makes a decision to leave the place.

Chapter 7 wow, Chapter 8 tomorrow

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Today I finished chapter 7 – Love & training after just 4 days, that is crazy, I cannot understand what happened but after I publish part 3 yesterday my mind just wanted to relax so I watched a movie “Doomsday”, which maybe was a bad choice in these times. Anyway afterwards my mind was like “You are not finish writing today” so I started writing again and when it was time for bed I wanted to publish it to you guys but could not find a proper ending even it was already quiet long to give you it so I decide to sleep on it. I woke up a bit early before getting headache so I decide to return to sleep and ended up waking up around 12pm where I did my morning things and here I am 5 hours later with another chapter after I have write 4736 words in 10-12 hours and I am like f**k what happened. It feels great about sharing it with you people as it just came like rain drops from a rain cloud. I am ready to start chapter 8 tomorrow. You already know that is named Letters from home and I have not change it yet but I do not know if my mind goes crazy again, as always if you want to read that or download entire chapters please go here. I have change the font in my PDF version so might experience some death files when updating the old chapters to the new font.

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