Chapter 8 done after weird 4 days

Hello Anyone

Today marks the end of a bit weird 4 days as I have felt lazy, sick, tired and everything in between but today the 5th day of the week I managed to do something good and that was to finished chapter 8 as I could not stop myself from writing. Guess Endel app really works…

Funny that I felt that my chapter was slow because I had to restart it and now I cannot wait to continue with Chapter 9 – Nightmares. As always you can find all my chapters here which will be updated right after this post.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 8

He started walking and the sun when behind a cloud, making it all a bit dark leaving him to focus even harder on the road and people around him. He finished his meal to keep his thoughts on Ling Chang instead and just as he finished the sun peaked forward again and everything became a lot easier. He stopped to think once more where Ling Chang could have gone but his mind was suddenly asking for water so he looked around and by pure look a small stand was selling juices. He turned against it and walked before suddenly without any warning all went dark and stars started to appear.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 7 – New

Back outside the palace was Jun Chen and Hui Wen still searching for Jun Chen unaware of what had happened. Jun Chen had finished searching the market and had started to walk the nearby roads thin while his mind got more and more worried about Ling Chang which also had other side effects. “Jun” a voice called and at first Jun Chen could not figure out if the voice as female or male but it repeated and this time he knew it were male so he turned around just to catch Hui Wen. “Have you found her?” He started not wasting time and Jun Chen just shocked his head while looking down in the ground.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 6 – New

In the meantime on the Funanai palace, the soldiers and former emperor Jiang Chen has arrived and Gang Chen is quick to honour his uncle with a bow. “Finally my brother gives me a reward for conquering my part of the country” he says and expect Jiang Chen to return the favour but Jiang Chen does not mood a muscle, making Gang Chen angry and yells “Don’t you have enough of respect to greet your nephew?” As he walks closer to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen feels his presents and answers ice cold “No”, making Gang Chen even more angry and pulls forward a small knife before yelling “I will pluck out your eyes if you don’t greet me this instant” Jiang Chen starts laughing loudly and a soldier holds Jiang Chen’s hair showing Gang Chen the missing eyes.

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Chapter 8 – Letters from home – Part 5 – New

He started to walk against the market and before he knew it, he was there even he had searched most of the roads for Ling Chang. His belly started to rumble loud as he smelled the meals being sold at the stands. He had forgotten to eat breakfast because of the argument about the letters with Hui Wen and now they was out to search for Ling Chang. “I hope I find her soon enough without any harm” He thought to himself but it still left his mouth as words.

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