Final part of Chapter 9 + 50.000 words

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Today I have finished chapter 9 and because of the length of it I have reach 50.000 words or 51500 words to be precise. Feels good to reach so far in a novel and I am glad to share it with you guys. I will add the complete chapter to the places after this post and tomorrow I will start chapter 10 Execution while cannot wait to see when expected finish day is now.

As a side note then I know my spelling is a bit bad a times but will correct it all once I am done the entire book.

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Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 8

The swords flew thought the air like they sometimes did under training but this fight was something different and Ling Chang knew that. The woman stood laughing not far form the fight, which instantly gave Ling Chang an idea even she was busy focusing on Jun Chen. They danced around in the death grass and Ling Chang had to block more than she were used to as she had decided to keep her rage at a minimum as she wanted to be there if she had to kill Jun Chen. “Is that really the best you got?” Jun Chen yelled and even his voice was different form the normal version of him and Ling Chang just looked at him without replying. Instead she attacked him and managed to give him a small cut on the left leg but no scream was heard instead Jun Chen kicked her away like she were nothing and she flew thought the air hitting the tree next to the women.

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Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 7

Ling Chang fears what is going to happen as the plants on the ground is all death. The sky is dark except for the lightnings crossing it and the sound of thunder is the only sound heard. “Where are we?” Jun Chen ask Ling Chang trying to sound brave and Ling Chang just looks at him before shaking her head without answering with words. Suddenly the voice appears again “You are in my world, just as I wanted you to be” Ling Chang and Jun Chen looks around as it is impossible to locate where it comes from while Jun Chen tries to stay brave by yelling “We did nothing, you were the chicken in this” and barely the words have left his mouth before the voice replies “Keep telling yourself lies, maybe they come true” and this time Ling Chang replies “We are neither lying or afraid of you” a lightning crosses the sky and divides into many smaller ones before a big  clatter almost exploded above them and before they could focus themselves again, the voice appeared again “Maybe, maybe night but only one of you will escape with their life” and form behind a big death tree a older woman appeared. Jun Chen pulled his sword and yelled “Who are you? And if you wanna live, you sends us home now” which made the woman laugh before replying cold. “It is not important who I am as I am a nobody and sending you home was an option I would have done it myself long ago” and the woman walked closer not minding the pull sword the slightest.Before Ling Chang could say anything, pushed Jun Chen her back and pushed himself forward with the sword raise high. “Send us home, or you will be the one losing your life” Jun Chen yelled and the woman just laughed louder while a smaller lightning flew above them. Jun Chen started to run against the woman while he yelled “Let me show you, what I can do with a sword” Ling Chang followed him with her eyes and an open mouth before it got even wider. As out of the air a sword appeared in the woman’s hand and she blocked the attack of Jun Chen like he had just poked her with a tiny stick. “You foul, Jun Chen, I said only one of you will survive this” the woman’s voice was still cold as ice and Ling Chang could feel tears starting to run down her checks. “Please don’t hurt him” Ling Chang yelled which made the woman focus on her before replying laughing “Of course, my dear, I won’t but you will instead” and suddenly Jun Chen turned around and his eyes was black as the sky while the sword the woman had held was in Ling Chang’s hands. “Kill her” the woman yelled and Jun Chen started to walk against the crying Ling Chang while replying “Yes, master” Ling Chang tried to stop crying but the feeling of maybe having to attack Jun Chen penetrated her soul and she did not have a single idea of what to do other than speak him out of it. “Please stop, Jun Chen, Please” and for a moment the darkness in his eyes vanished and he stood confused while rambling “Ling Chang?” But before Ling Chang could do anything he was back in his darkness and charged against her once more. The woman laughed behind him “You never get him turned long enough for him to remember you, but I promise you ion he kills you I won’t let him forget it again, my child” and continued watching with joy. Ling Chang could feel the rage grow inside her and just as Jun Chen was about to strike her down, she managed to remove her tears before blocking the strike just as easy as the woman did before. “Are you going to fight him, my child” The woman said while trying to hide her surprise and Ling Chang looked straight into her eyes, not focusing on Jun Chen and replied cold “Yes, if I most” and soon the fight was on like they had been enemies their entire lives.

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 6

She flew closer and closer to it and in the last second she tried to look happy at Jun Chen who stood at the ground in the pose he just had thrown her, having no chance to return her sight. In the next Ling Chang touched the ball and fell to the ground. She quickly stood up as she had finally understood the game and she wanted to yell but a pair of hands hell around her and turned around. It was Jun Chen who had managed to pass the gate too even without touching the ball and Ling Chang’s tears of sadness before the throw had turned into happy tears but the time to kiss was short and Ling Chang said with focused voice. “We have to find two, maybe three dragon sculptures of the elements before we are free and after my mind the next one is nature so look out for something not fitting this metal hell” Jun Chen just nodded before his eyes turned wild and this time he was the one that caught the sculpture and before Ling Chang could say anything they were transported to a world of nature. “What next?” Jun Chen asked impatient which made Ling Chang smile as she reply “Earth” just as a bird flew though the air with the sculpture in its mouth and in the last second, she managed to touch it, transporting them inside a cave. Water was heard and they started laughing of joy. “We are home” they yelled in mouth of each other and started to walk against the sound of water when a female voice suddenly rumbled above them. “Did you really think it would be that easy, do you really think you are safe” The voice ruined every joy that Jun Chen and Ling Chang had, but Jun Chen was having nothing of it and yelled back quickly “Show yourself instead of hide like a chicken” even he could see the fear inside Ling Chang’s eyes. “I am not here, I am in the last world… but you won’t get there as the last sculpture in almost gone already” the voice continued before laughing of joy. They looked around but nothing even looked like a sculpture and Jun Chen yelled again “Chicken” in an attempt to make the voice help them and suddenly portal opened in front of them. “Go through or stay I do not care at all, but I am not some toy you play with as a child” the voice reappeared. Jun Chen looked at Ling Chang who looked back at him before they together walk inside the portal hand in hand.

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 5

“Sorry… I thought you was those old people who had returned” Ling Chang managed to say before Jun Chen broke in. “We have to go there” He said with glazing eyes and Ling Chang turned around in silence and watched a red object in the horizon. “I agree” She managed to say after observing the place in silence before continuing “Lets go now before our energy runs out” and Jun Chen just nodded as they started swimming against it. The object was  much closer than they expected once they had started swimming, and it was a flying sculpture of fire dragon. “What do you think we need to do?” Ling Chang asked as they came close to it and Jun Chen almost yelled in reply “I do not know but we better think quick as it is getting smaller” and to Ling Chang’s fear he was right but what was the plan with it. “Think, think, think” Jun Chen started which prompted made Ling Chang reply annoyed “That is not helping at all” and they thought on in silence while the sculpture got smaller and smaller until Ling Chang suddenly got an idea and asked straight. “Do you trust me?” Her voice was far from calm and the sculpture was almost gone now. Jun Chen looked at her like he was about to argue with her but instead his voice reveal only a single word. “Yes” and before any of them could say anything against the plan, was Ling Chang taking a grip in Jun Chen before placing her hand around the sculpture and before she felt any pain, they were suddenly in a world of fire. Ling Chang did not need many seconds to see that they were safe for now and to think before she yelled “Look for a sculpture of something like the fire, it is our only way out” and they looked around while the sweat started to run down their faces like tears. Ling Chang was the first to notice the ball of metal flying above their heads and she knew they had no chance of touching it together like last time. “There it is” she said and pointed in the air but before she could argue about the placement was Jun Chen already lifting her. “I do not know the way out, but I know I love you so save yourself” Jun Chen said and then he threw Ling Chang against the ball of metal who with tears in her eyes had no time to reply.

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 4

The joy of seeing Jun Chen again made her heart beat faster and the voices started to disappear and soon they were gone, giving her a chance to fight back against the old people. A scream was heard and it was not inside her head, making Ling Chang smile for the first time since she started dreaming and soon it was just her and Jun Chen while the two old people lied death on the grass which slowly turned into snow once more. “Are you sure we did the right thing?” Ling Chang asked Jun Chen when she finally reached him. “What do you mean?” He asked while looking weird at her. “I mean they were the ones controlling this world and now it is slowly turning into a cold hell, once more” Ling Chang replied and she could see instantly that Jun Chen didn’t know about the snow. “What snow? I killed them because they kept hurting you with those voices and who knows what they would have done if they had reached the sword before I did… Sorry if I have doomed us” Ling Chang was glad to be save so she just smiled some more and replied “I do not mind the snow as long you are here, even I have no idea where, here is” and Jun Chen just nodded. The snow came closer and closer and Ling Chang moved closer to Jun Chen in attempt to keep the warmth between them but suddenly a water dragon sculpture landing between them just as the first snow flake hit Ling Chang and the entire world changed. in the next they were underwater, doing a major storm. “Jun Chen?” Ling Chang yelled as she finally reached the surface but not reply and the storm was getting wilder and wilder. Suddenly she felt something at her legs and she tried to scream as she was scared it were the old people from earlier or something similar but it was something else that broke the surface. Jun Chen  tried to take some deep breaths but Ling Chang was completed be beside herself and started screaming and hit him until he finally managed to speak “Stop, stop it is me, Jun Chen… Calm down” Ling Chang stopped felt her face turning red as she were blushing.

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 2

Ling Chang looks at the hand and the smile and back to the hand again before finally reaching out her own hand and takes the old man’s hand. In the next, she starts screaming of pain as the silence is replaced by yelling voices and in an attempt to keep the voices out of her head, she closes her eyes hard and lets go of the old man’s hand before falling back into the ground which is now wet cold snow.

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Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 1

Ling Chang opens her eyes and screams of pain “Arhhhh” when she suddenly remember where she is and stops instantly. She looks down and except for some big holes in her clothes, there are luckily no blood and she are not covered in snow. She looks around on the white snow while her teeth starts chattered wildly.”What happened, first I am walking alone before suddenly hearing Jun Chen’s voice and in the next I am here at the foot of a mountain with snow everywhere… If I don’t find a place to get warm soon, I will die” she thinks to herself but still her voice sings in her ears.

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Chapter 8 done after weird 4 days

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Today marks the end of a bit weird 4 days as I have felt lazy, sick, tired and everything in between but today the 5th day of the week I managed to do something good and that was to finished chapter 8 as I could not stop myself from writing. Guess Endel app really works…

Funny that I felt that my chapter was slow because I had to restart it and now I cannot wait to continue with Chapter 9 – Nightmares. As always you can find all my chapters here which will be updated right after this post.

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