Final part of Chapter 9 + 50.000 words

Today I have finished chapter 9 and because of the length of it I have reach 50.000 words or 51500 words to be precise. Feels good to reach so far in a novel and I am glad to share it with you guys. I will add the complete chapter to the places after this post…More

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 8

The swords flew thought the air like they sometimes did under training but this fight was something different and Ling Chang knew that. The woman stood laughing not far form the fight, which instantly gave Ling Chang an idea even she was busy focusing on Jun Chen. They danced around in the death grass and…More

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 7

Ling Chang fears what is going to happen as the plants on the ground is all death. The sky is dark except for the lightnings crossing it and the sound of thunder is the only sound heard. “Where are we?” Jun Chen ask Ling Chang trying to sound brave and Ling Chang just looks at…More

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 6

She flew closer and closer to it and in the last second she tried to look happy at Jun Chen who stood at the ground in the pose he just had thrown her, having no chance to return her sight. In the next Ling Chang touched the ball and fell to the ground. She quickly…More

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 5

“Sorry… I thought you was those old people who had returned” Ling Chang managed to say before Jun Chen broke in. “We have to go there” He said with glazing eyes and Ling Chang turned around in silence and watched a red object in the horizon. “I agree” She managed to say after observing the…More

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 4

The joy of seeing Jun Chen again made her heart beat faster and the voices started to disappear and soon they were gone, giving her a chance to fight back against the old people. A scream was heard and it was not inside her head, making Ling Chang smile for the first time since she…More

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 3

Ling Chang opened her heavy eyes and felt the warmth in her body. The first thing she noticed was that the snow was gone again and she were her savour was gone too, leaving her all alone. Suddenly the shadow appear again and divides, making Ling Chang fear the worst and she tries to stand…More

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 2

Ling Chang looks at the hand and the smile and back to the hand again before finally reaching out her own hand and takes the old man’s hand. In the next, she starts screaming of pain as the silence is replaced by yelling voices and in an attempt to keep the voices out of her…More

Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 1

Ling Chang opens her eyes and screams of pain “Arhhhh” when she suddenly remember where she is and stops instantly. She looks down and except for some big holes in her clothes, there are luckily no blood and she are not covered in snow. She looks around on the white snow while her teeth starts…More

Chapter 8 done after weird 4 days

Today marks the end of a bit weird 4 days as I have felt lazy, sick, tired and everything in between but today the 5th day of the week I managed to do something good and that was to finished chapter 8 as I could not stop myself from writing. Guess Endel app really works……More