Day 233

Dear diary

Niklas tells me we cannot go to spring water lake and forrest yet because they have been told to keep searching for survivors and food in the area so the army can set up a new base in the area soon. I asked him if we could go back to the bunker, as I was sure the aliens would not attack the same place twice but Niklas told me that was the first place that he had been searching for me and with all the death people in the area, he would not go there again. He continued and told me that the bunker had also been hit by the laser so not much space for the survivors. I guess I understand his problems, he is a good leader to his men and he is doing his best to help the civilians too. I am started to wonder what is going to happen to the earth, are we going to win the war and will people keep working together afterwards or are we going to lose the war and get destroyed. If we get destroyed what will the aliens do to the earth, make it a parking lot for their space ships? Or maybe they are here to save the nature that we could help. I hope this will be the last wars as all the innocent people who has died so far, cannot died in vain for world peace. My mind is so crazy now that I cannot sleep even I need to because my baby needs me fresh for whatever events which will happened tomorrow.

Good night diary