Day 29

Dear diary

Today was started like a Saturday any other, Niklas and I had a good day in the park. We had fun eating fresh strawberries and I captured some nice photos of Niklas climbing around like a mad man in the nearby trees. He says it is part of his army training but I am not so sure, I think he was doing it to make me laugh and maybe forget that he was gone for 3 days while he was searching for the stupid rock. Well I cannot say he is stupid now as you might remember for the previous days then he found it before others and he reported the sight to both scientists and the army so now he is pretty famous in our small town. That reminds me I have forgotten to tell where I live, I live in suburb to the town Addersfield which is the the 7th biggest town in Jushuidan, my country. I was so focus on stone and my place in this work I forgot to say that the images I took was a bit weird, like the camera was broken and fixed in the same time as some of the pictures was super great while others was super bad even they should be the same quality. Anyway Niklas is calling for me so we can have hot chocolate and buns for evening snack now that there is no shooting stars to keep us company.

Good night diary.