Day 43

Dear diary

Today was a good day, Niklas had time for me so we was in the park for a walk before leaving it and went to the beach for a swim even the water was so cold. He brought ice cream so my teeth started chatter so much he started warming me up with his own towel, leaving him wet and cold from the water. We quickly entered the car and drive home. We had plans for the evening too but sudden radio news killed the mood on the way home as they told that the scientists has found the reason for all the shooting stars which has been appeared. They said there are a meteor on the way against the earth but we did not have to worry as it will fly right past us but maybe it will give some more shooting stars. They said the reason they made it so important news was because it was the first time at meteor from another solar system would enter ours and fly though it. Normally the meteors we have flying around us are either super small or so far away it does not matter about them but this one is both unique in that plus it would be big enough to notice on the night sky as it grows doing the next 3 weeks. Niklas is calling me and the way he sounds then his mood is for sure back, not sure about mine though as the shooting stars annoys me.

Good night diary.