Day 457

Dear diary

Today was my first day not being tested from top to bottom as I got permission to join a group of me, Dan and a few others to go to the surface and see if we could find some rocks as there had been shooting stars sights and we hope some of them gave the rocks we need even that we still have not found out how to use them yet but I guess more rock gives me a bit more free time. The boss of the research centre together with my father’s chef is getting a bit annoyed every time that we still have not fired the rock yet. They even talk about it might be fake or that I am an imposter. I know it works and I am not an imposter beside if I was then I would blame my father as he was the one giving me the rock and he was the one getting blamed from being a mole. All this non-sense makes me having a great idea for how to test it tomorrow but I before I know if it works or not I will keep it a secret from you, my dear diary, but I can tell you another secret I have been unsure if my feelings for Dan was because I missed the feeling of someone who cared for me together with the loss of Niklas or if it was true love and I have decide to ask Dan for his feeling tomorrow, right after the tests.