Day 491

Dear diary

Today was a good day as I have gotten some fresh air on the ground as yes I got permission to join the ground crew to search for some more rocks but Dan was not allowed to join today. As this is the second day in a row on the ground I can say that the fresh air really has helped my mind as I did not have any nightmares last night. The search for rocks also went well even we did not find anyone but at least we did not get attacked by the aliens or Rockys that I leaned that the other researchers call them because their arrival in shooting stars also known as meteorite and their rock looking skin when they do not look human. We did not get attacked by other humans as well. Someone is calling my name now so I will take a break to find it what is happening then I plan to be back here. I know you are just a diary but without Dan or my father then you are almost my only friend so it feels weird to just leave you.

I am back now and I just watched 30-50 shooting stars in different colors and I need to hurry packing as we are trying to reach the research centre without getting notice as who knows where the aliens landed.